Educational Consultant in United States

at a Confidential Company

Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Educational Consultant Job Description

The Education Consultant is the one who has the responsibility to guide the school officials. The field of the job is very vast and needs to carry out the work any where from a large school to the national school. The job provides guidance on the matters related to accomplishment of the state and federal policies and procedures. The consultant needs to carry out research into the areas like that of education techniques and methods. There are many other duties attached to it such as supporting the intellectual, physical and social welfare of students.

Duties and Responsibilities

*The main responsibility is to plan and manage the educational policies.

*It is also needed to develop the programs and procedures for the teacher’s in-service education.

*He or she is responsible for discussing with the state, federal and locally based school officials for the expanding of curriculum.

*The duty includes setting up of the guidelines for the educational programs.

*He or she has to confer with both the lay and professional groups for the purpose of circulating.

*It is also needed to receive the inputs on the education methods.

*He or she needs to review and evaluating the collection of courses.

*He or she has to interpret and implement the different provisions of the state education rules and regulations related to State Board of Education.

*The duty includes taking actively part in the committees, workshops and conferences.

*He or she has to work for promoting the intellectual, physical and social wellbeing of students.

*There are many other basic jobs such as studying and preparing the recommendations on teaching aids, instructional items, and other associated equipments.

Education, Training and Qualifications

*The basic degree required to do the job is the bachelor’s degree in business administration, education, communication or any related field.

*The person having a master’s degree will be a distinct advantage for the person.

*He or she should have at least two years related past working experience in sales, marketing, recruitment, file management.

*The person should have done the certification courses available in this field to fare well in professional life.

*He or she desiring to do the job in the sector in private sectors, and for autonomous consultation.

*He or she should have the expertise which can secure a job in this sector.

Skills and Specifications

*The person needs to have the excellent communication skills both verbal and written to do the job.

*He or she should have the good presentation skills.

*He or she should have the strong analytical skills to analyze the different aspects carefully.

*The other skills required are the customer service and interpersonal skills.

*He or she should be able to advise people correctly on different important issues.

*The person needs to have the qualities of being a good leader.

*He or she should have the organizational abilities to do the organization effectively.

*He or she should have the strong presence and multitasking skills.
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