Electrical And Electronics Technicians, Installers And Repairers in United States

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Minimum Qualification
High School
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Electrical and Electronics Technicians, Installers and Repairers Job Descriptions

*The job of the electrical technicians is to install and properly maintain electrical equipment in homes, businesses, and factories.

*These professionals know how to install wiring; the wiring is the means by which electricity flows into a building.

*They are skilled at installing electrical machines and equipment.

*These machines must be maintained by the technician.

*These professionals perform complex work, and it is crucial that they be quite knowledgeable in electrical practices.

*Competence is an important part of this job.

*Candidates with a certificate in electronics or a related field will be greatly preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Most electrical technicians will specialize in either construction or maintenance.

*The professionals that focus on construction installs new wiring into newly built homes, businesses, and factories.

*Those who specialize in maintenance primarily fix existing wiring that is faulty.

*All electrical technicians must follow guidelines.

*Those technicians that specialize in construction must read technical diagrams of newly built buildings.

*After determining where all of the electrical outlets are located, this professional can install all necessary equipment.

*They can connect these wires to circuit breakers, transformers, and outlets.

*Electrical technicians must use a variety of tools to perform their work.

*Maintenance electricians fix electrical wiring, outlets, and transformers when they break.

*They must sometimes replace the faulty part. Other times they can fix the existing equipment.

*The electrical technician must be willing to work inside or outside.

*Good physical stamina is important because the work often involves bending, standing, and lifting heavy equipment.

*Strict adherence to guidelines is required to avoid injury.

Training and Education Requirements

*The majority of electrical technicians learn the job by on-the-job training. They enter apprenticeship positions that require them to work under the close supervision of an experienced electrician.

*Many community colleges combine the apprenticeship program with the class room education.

*Those that possess a certificate or degree can start out in higher positions.

*A minimum of a high school degree or equivalent is required to become an electrical technician.

*Electricians have to continue to learn all during their careers.
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