Facilities Engineer - Mechanical Full Time

Lagos, Nigeria | Bachelor's Degree | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Engineering | Oil & Gas / Mining

Job Summary

Position Details:
Designs, constructs and modifies equipment and facilities such as: separators and treaters;
transfer pumps; vapor recovery units; simple pipeline.
Provides engineering support for design of subsea production equipment, pipelines, systems. 
Demonstrates knowledge of flow assurance and reliability aspects of subsea system design and
Performs basic calculations such as minimum wall thickness for heat exchangers, vessels &
piping, basic relief system component sizing, basic valve selection and sizing, or thermal
calculations for heat exchangers and fired equipment.
Demonstrates understanding of appropriate tools and work processes to assess integrity and
reliability performance associated with simple equipment installations and small facility
operations. This includes asset integrity evaluations and availability /reliability calculations for
normal operations, elementary Life Cycle Cost Analysis and basic application of performance
assessment tools (Risk Analysis, FMEA, 5 Why, Why Tree).

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