Field Enablement Dir Full Time

Dubayy [Dubai], United Arab Emirates | Bachelor's Degree | 10 - 15 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Sales/Business Development | ICT / Telecommunications

Job Summary

Field Enablement Director MEA and India

The mission of the WW EPG Sales Excellence team provides an essential leadership function of enterprise strategy, architecture, and coaching. We drive revenue growth by providing insight, processes, and tools which enable the field sellers to build relationships that better serve customers and partners. Our team is committed to attracting the best people by striving for excellence in all that we do. Passion for field needs is core to our organization and we always strive for amicable balance between corporate goals and being a voice for the field.

We are seeking an experienced sales leader to serve as a Field Enablement Consultant working for WWEPG but based in an Area HQ. You will help the Area operationalize corporate strategy, achieve execution excellence, and meet their growth goals.

Field Enablement Consultants are highly experienced field-based roles serving as strategic advisors and change agents for the MEA and India EPG Leadership Team. Their primary focus is to drive Sales Leadership and Sales Operations transformational improvement in the EPG commercial business while delivering positive and measureable business results for the Area.

Job Responsibilites
  • Land the EPG Business Processes & Help Areas Grow their Business
  • Identify and lead initiatives in support of the landing and execution of core business processes
  • Deliver high-quality landing workshops & engagements aligned to WW EPG priorities and Sales Excellence business processes
  • Coach and advise the EPG Lead to ensure a full understanding of corporate program strategy as it applies to their Area and how best to execute
    Identify and Enable Key Area Priorities and Transformation Plans
  • Observe and analyze current state execution compared to WW guidance and expectations
  • Identify and diagnose root cause for underperformance and make recommendations to drive breakthrough improvement
  • Secure WWEPG and other corporate resources to enhance performance, eliminate roadblocks, and mitigate risks for Area
  • Drive, support, assist, and lead Area specific change management initiatives when necessary
    Serve as the Bridge between Field and Corporate
  • Drive alignment between WWEPG, Time Zone, and Area/subsidiary leadership to ensure Areas maximize the use of corporate resources and minimize randomization
  • personal experience and skills to help local teams adapt corporate programs to meet their environment
  • Identify Area/sub-specific nuances (market, cultural, geopolitical, etc.) and partner with corporate to adjust or create solutions that meet these unique business requirements
  • Drive awareness of adoption challenges and enhancement requests to corp. program owners
  • Serve as advisor to business process architects for program design and testing
  • Facilitate field testing of business processes and provide feedback to corp.
    Increase Sales Excellence Expertise & Capacity
  • Maintain a high level of engagement with the local Sales Excellence team
  • Help grow Sales Excellence leadership talent pool
  • Support recruiting and hiring of SE Lead roles and ensure optimal transition and succession planning
  • On-board, mentor, and coach SE Leads
  • Identify and drive reuse of field best practices across the Sales Excellence community
Job Requirements

This position requires:
Extensive experience working in the field as a member of an Area or sub EPG leadership team with the ability to build trusted advisor business relationships
A deep understanding and proven thought leadership of the EPG Sales Excellence business and sales processes with an understanding for the unique challenges of small, medium and large subsidiaries and Multi-sub Areas
Consulting skills of strategic problem solving - identification, framework development, creation of actionable work streams and strong project management
Ability to represent EPG HQ leadership to field stakeholders and be an effective communicator with senior leaders. (Area EPG Lead, Country Manager, WWEPG LT)
An action-orientated person with empathy for the field and a track record of innovative thinking

Successful candidates will have:
10 years’ experience in enterprise sales and/or sales management with 5+ years at Microsoft as a sales manager
Previous management consulting experience preferred
Proven history of successful business strategy, planning, and execution, demonstrating measurable results
Competencies Level 4: organizational agility, deep insight, influence and impact
Competencies Level 3 (minimum): cross-boundary collaboration

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