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Airline / Aviation
Customer Service
Minimum Qualification
High School
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Flight Attendant Job Description

*Flight attendants are employed by airlines to ensure the safety of passengers and crew members.

*International safety regulations require the presence of flight attendants.

*Attendants are required on all commercial flights with over 19 passengers and on select business and military flights.

Job Responsibilities

*The primary responsibility of a flight attendant is to ensure that all safety regulations are followed.

*Approximately one hour before takeoff, flight attendants are briefed by the pilot on the details of the flight.

*The briefing includes expected flight time, any unusual weather or flying conditions and any special passengers onboard.

*Prior to boarding, flight attendants work with other airline personnel to ensure that the plane is in working order.

*Attendants check that the in-cabin emergency and first aid equipment is working properly and that the plane is stocked with amenities such as beverages and snacks.

*As passengers board the plane, flight attendants ensure that all passengers are properly seated.

*Attendants help passengers properly store luggage in overhead bins and under seats.

*Once all passengers are properly seated and luggage is stored, flight attendants read a federally regulated safety brief, which provides emergency information in the case of an evacuation or loss of power.

*Attendants demonstrate the proper use of seat belts, oxygen masks and flotation devices.

*Once in the air, the number one priority for flight attendants is attending to passengers’ safety.

*In the case of turbulence or an evacuation, attendants assist and reassure passengers.

*If any passenger becomes ill or needs first aid during the flight, attendants help tend to the person in need.

*Flight attendants perform cabin checks every 20-30 minutes to check for any safety issues.

*Flight attendants also perform duties to make the flying experience more comfortable for passengers.

*They serve drinks and snacks, hand out headsets, answer questions and help clean the cabin.

*On large flights, a lead flight attendant helps oversee the work and duties of other flight attendants.

Training and Education Requirements

*A high school diploma is the only degree necessary to become a flight attendant.

*Candidates with bachelor's degree who major in fields related to tourism, communication or customer service are especially desirable.

*All airlines provide formal training programs for newly hired flight attendants.
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