Health/safety Officer Full Time
Alphonsus Hospitals

Lagos, Nigeria | OND | Entry Level | Full Time | Male or Female | Healthcare / Pharmaceutical | Healthcare / Medical

Job Summary

Responsible for implementing the company’s safety or industrial health program to prevent, correct, or control unsafe environmental conditions.

Job Responsibilites

• Plan, organize, schedule and conduct inspections of facilities, work areas and equipment. Monitors site conditions, practices, and procedures for compliance with health and safety requirements. Select and implement corrective action and follows-up to ensure proper action has been taken.
• Implement the company’s safety or industrial health program to prevent, correct, or control unsafe environmental conditions. Record data and compile it into statistical analyses and reports.
• Operate, maintain, certify, inspect, calibrate and oversee installation of safety equipment.
• Oversee the collection, packaging, testing, storing, transporting and/or disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and/or waste. Perform test techniques on sample materials.
• Attend and participate in professional and committee meetings related to health and safety issues. Assist with the development and administration of programs, reports, training and employee seminars.
• Conduct research in the planning, development and organization of employee informational seminars. Presents portions of safety seminars.
• Perform additional functions incidental to health and safety activities.
• Install or direct installation of safety devices on machinery.
• Investigate causes of industrial accidents or injuries to develop solutions to minimize or prevent recurrence. Prepare reports of findings from investigation of accidents, inspection of facilities, or testing of environment.
• Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
• Compile, analyze, and interpret statistical data related to exposure factors concerning occupational illnesses and accidents.
• Examine plans and specifications for new projects to determine if all safety requirements have been included.
• Conducts or coordinates training of workers concerning safety laws and regulations, use of safety equipment, devices, and clothing, and first aid.
• Perform similar or related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements

minimum qualification os OND and above.

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