IT Consultant in United States

at a Confidential Company

ICT / Telecommunications
Consulting/Business Strategy & Planning
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

IT Consultant Job Description

IT consultant is the one who needs to work in the field of technology as the name sounds. He or she needs to help in improving the structure and capacity of different IT systems. It is needed to maintain the interaction with the clients to advice them on different technological facets. He or she needs to work for supporting the demands of clients and problems related to technology.

IT Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

*The consultant has to meet the clients to determine the requirements and needs.

*It will be needed to work with the working with the clients for defining the scope of the project.

*He or she has to plan the timeline and resources that are required.

*It is also needed to study the client’s specifications, perceiving the work practices.

*He or she needs to maintain the coordination with the staff of the client’s organization.

*It is also necessary to travel the customer sites timely.

*There are many other basic tasks to fulfill such as defining network requirements, analyzing the IT requirements within the companies, and offering objective suggestions on various matters of IT.

*It is also necessary to help the clients with different activities and purchasing the appropriate systems.

*The main and the basic duty are to design and installing new systems.

*He or she also needs to do the documentation work properly which is needed to present to the customers.

*He or she has to organize the training process for other consultants.

*It is the duty to seek the different ways of applying technology to the business processes.

*He or she has to do the work of researching and providing information on diverse technical trends.

*He or she has to work for the development of the technical solutions so has to consult with the project management.

*It is also needed to work as a consultant to advice on options, costs, risks vs. benefits etc for the proper level of development of the system priorities.

Education, Training and Qualifications

*The basic degree required to do the job is a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

*He or she should have required past working experience in dealing with IT related systems.

*He or she should have a master’s degree would secure greater preference.

*The other necessary requirement is the past working experience of 5 years at least of work.

Skills and Specifications:

*The person needs to have the excellent presentation skills to do the job.

*He or she should have the strong analytical skills to analyze the different aspects carefully.

*The other skills required are the exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills.

*He or she should be aware about the every development in the field of Information Technology.

*The person needs to have a very strong presence of mind to do the job effectively.
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