Manager Crew Optimisation Full Time
Etihad Airways

Abu Zaby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates | Bachelor's Degree | 5 - 7 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Airline/Aviation | Aviation & Aerospace

Job Summary

The Manager Crew Optimization (MCO) is responsible to the Head of Crew Resources (HCR) for the business management of the Altitude Pairing (PRG), Rostering (CRS) and Insight (Manpower Planning, MPP) optimization systems (all applications are supplied by AD OPT software). The MCO has the business responsibility to ensure that the project to implement all three optimisation systems (PRG, CRS and MMP) is successful in terms of required functionality and quality.

The MCO is responsible for ensuring that the budgeted optimisation benefits and cost savings resulting from increased crew utilization (budget target 5% compared to 2009), more efficient pairings and rosters are being met. The MCO will manage, analyse, track, and review the resulting Pairing, Roster and Manpower solutions and undertake the necessary changes to ensure that the budgeted cost savings are being realized.

The MCO will be the Flight Operations EY Crew Resources system optimisation contact for all three optimization systems (PRG, CRS, MPP). The MCO will be responsible for maintaining the correct and optimised configuration of all three optimisation systems (PRG, CRS and MPP). This is to ensure that results generated by the crew planners are consistent and repeatable in terms of cost savings, expected quality, and GCAA compliance in all aspects relating to the FTL, OM-A and OM-D. The MCO will be responsible for proving that the PRG, CRS and MPP systems are fully compliant when undergoing auditing of any type whether it is a GCAA, Internal AQ / Safety, Financial or 3rd Party consultant Audits.

As part of being the system optimisation interface, the MCO will be responsible for troubleshooting, training, answering questions, and analysis support relating to these products, plus reviewing and identifying areas of both system and business process improvement. The MCO will be responsible for analyzing cost and benefit to all potential future enhancements and the business cases to support them. The MCO is expected to perform What If analysis on future periods to provide information to support decision making both with Crew Resources and other EY departments.

Alongside the Managers of Cabin Crew Resources, Flight Deck Resources, and Manpower Planning the MCO will ensure the Crew Planners have the skills and knowledge and necessary to generate, analyse and publish optimized Pairing, Roster and Manpower solutions. In addition the MCO will proactively coordinate and liaise with other EY departments (e.g. IT, IFS, Flight Crew Training) to ensure that any dependencies are identified and delivered when scoped, analysed and agreed.

The MCO is also responsible for managing the communication and relationship with the software supplier. This includes, liaising with the vendor to ensure issues are resolved and enhancements are delivered, tested and implemented as agreed. The MCO will manage the vendor software agreement, its terms / conditions, support contracts and the interrelationship with internal EY IT to support EY governance compliance and policies. The MCO proactivity connects the relationship between the IT Crew Resources systems: AIMS and AD OPT to meet required interface data processes and change requests.

Job Responsibilites
  • Project Implementation: Ensuring that all 3 PRG, CRS and MPP Optimisation Systems are successfully implemented containing the necessary functionality to meet the EY Business needs, through liaising with the vendor, participating in reviews, and hands on testing of the system.
  • Cost Control: Ensuring that the budgeted optimisation benefits and in particular the cost savings relating to reduction of crew numbers, more efficient pairings and rosters are being met. Manages, tracks and review the outputs of the crew optimization process and implements changes as necessary to ensure all budgeted cost, operational and crew aspects are achieved
  • Optimisation Specialist: Ensure that the PRG, CRS and MPP optimisation systems are used in the best and most efficient and effective way within the Crew Resources Planning Process to maximize cost control and solution quality. Ongoing review and appropriate modification to use these optimization systems to enhance EY processes. This includes analyzing and performing the benefit analysis and accompanying business case for identified future system enhancements
  • Result Consistency and Configuration Control: Maintains at all times the correct configuration of PRG, CRS and MPP systems. This is to ensure that that for all 3 systems the results generated by the crew planners are consistent and repeatable in terms of cost savings, expected quality, and are GCAA compliance in all aspects relating to the FTL, OM-A and OM-D.
  • Specialist Internal Optimisation Support: Manages all the day-to-day operational aspects of the PRG, CRS and MPP optimization systems. This includes troubleshooting, training, answering questions, and analysis support to Crew Planners and Crew in their usage of these systems.
  • Communication and Training: Ensure that all identified and required communication is conveyed in a professional and timely manner at all levels internally and as appropriate to the 4,000+ EY crew members
  • Risk Management: Proactively manage the level of expectation of both crew and internal stakeholders in relation to the benefits of the optimisation system. Proactively manage the inputs into the optimisation process from other EY department to ensure these do not impact or limit the optimization benefits.
  • Vendor Management: Is the central EY point for all questions and issues relating to all 3 optimization systems. Liaises with the vendor on issue resolution and enhancement implementation. Manages the vendor in relation to the software agreement and its terms and conditions. This may include the AIMS system and related behaviors between AIMS and AD OPT Crew Resource modules and interfaces
  • Documentation: Ensuring that all Crew Resources processes and procedures relating to optimization are documented, accessible and maintain current and accurate.
  • Infrastructure Management: Manages the processes for testing and upgrading the system in a coordinated and controlled manner. Coordinates with EY IT to ensure upgrades occur in timely and effective manner. Coordinates with EY IT to ensure that the Optimization Systems environment is configured correctly and is working correctly and the systems are operational and accessible by Planners and Crew.
Job Requirements

Qualifications and Education:

  • University or College degree (MBA or BSc) in a management or computing discipline.



  • Minimum of 5 years airline operations experience, including at least 3 years working with planning optimisers (either in airlines and / or as a vendor).
  • A high level of business and / or analytical skills relating to the managing, enhancing, defining and implementing of airline operational systems. 
  • At least 2 years experience relating to Testing Management or User Acceptance Testing. 
  • Must have experience liasing and coordinating between client and vendor (from either side) relating to an operational system across disparate timezones.


  • Technical or computing experience and in particular relating to integrating different systems would be a strong plus.
  • Experience in coordinating or liasing with multiple functional teams or departments


  • Strong written English;
  • Excellent technical writing skills;
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of Operational and Optimization concepts, systems and processes (through not necessary at the technical level);
  • High standard of computer literacy (Microsoft Office applications)
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