Marketing Analytics Consultant Full Time

England - London, United Kingdom | Bachelor's Degree | 5 - 7 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Market Research | Management Consulting

Job Summary

The Marketing Analytics Consultant will use advanced regression analysis and other statistical techniques to quantify the return on historic Marketing activities, and utilise optimisation techniques to maximise the return on future investments.

Develop and interpret statistical models to quantify the incremental revenue generated by marketing activities. This process requires the use of advanced time series regression analysis in a marketing-mix modeling context, which involves the following key tasks:

  • Data collection, Harmonisation and validation
  • Time-series regression models and other statistical analysis
  • Derivation of marketing sensitivity curves
  • Optimisation of Marketing-mix allocation
Job Responsibilites

Key responsibilities & accountabilities:

• Design assurance - overall design lead for customer and operational design work.
• Team leadership - managing a team of 29 colleagues (Theme Leads and Analysts.
• Task management - of Theme Leads responsible for managing a portfolio of initiatives and the analysts assigned to a roadmap theme (e.g., Sales, Service and Mobile).
• Line management - of permanent colleagues (Lead Analyst and Analysts - 5 FTE).
• Learning and development - of the team to support continuous improvement.
• Overall portfolio management - to assure delivery of Digital Transformation initiatives.
• Budgetary / financial management accountability - none.

Job Requirements

Key Capabilities:
Thought leadership
Communication skills
Analytical skills
Strategic thinking

Key Skills:
Design leadership
Stakeholder engagement
Portfolio management
Business architecture and business design
Customer proposition development
Launch planning and customer communications
Project planning
Developing business solutions for people, process, organisational and customer change
Continuous improvement of assessment methods, tools and techniques
Team management - task and line management
Resource management
Colleague mentoring, learning and development 

Demonstrable Experience:
• Having worked in a similar role (i.e., in a managerial capacity) on a large programme.
• Delivering as a 'Design Lead' for a customer, operational and business change team.
• Having worked on a large IT programme delivering both technical and business change.
• Having worked on projects and programmes to deliver digital customer propositions.
• Having worked on a project to deliver a digital solution to satisfy a regulatory requirement. 
• Managing a large portfolio of change initiatives / projects across multiple roadmaps.
• Leading a team of non-technical analysts overseeing delivery during Initiation / Study.
• Line-managing permanent colleagues; taking overall responsibility for performance appraisals and assuring personal development plans.
• Working on projects that have designed and launched a new product or service to customers; or significantly enhanced an existing digital offering to customers.
• Designing solutions to improve operational efficiency or business performance.
• Presenting design solutions at programme design authorities and governance forums.
• Developing a target operating model to support a 'new to bank / market' proposition.
• Producing detailed business designs (org structure, role definition, process design etc.).
• Working with business training partners to design learning solutions for colleague change.
• Developing organisational solutions and transition plans to support structural changes.
• Developing customer and business propositions with digital and product sponsors.
• Creating launch strategies with Brands / Marketing to take a proposition to market.
• Developing customer and colleague communication strategies / plans.
• Building and facilitating stakeholder forums to deliver business-wide communications.
• Defining and building new engagement / delivery models with business stakeholders.
• Managing stakeholder relationships to build 'change partnerships' across the bank.
• Managing the continuous improvement of a team's methods, tools and techniques.
• Mentoring colleagues to continuously improve a team's competencies and capabilities.

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