Marketing Manager in United States

at a Confidential Company

Sales / Marketing
Marketing / Advertising / Branding
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Marketing Manager Job Description

*Marketing managers coordinate their company’s market research, sales, pricing and product development.

*They also develop marketing, advertising and public relations strategies.

*They may only focus on a few aspects of the marketing or they may be involved in the entire process, including administrative duties and writing and creating marketing materials.

*Most marketing postions require a degree in marketing or a related field.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Marketing managers work with managers in the advertising and promotion fields to promote their company’s products and services.

*They work with other departments, such as market research and product development, to determine the demand for the company’s products and services and identify potential markets.

*They also develop strategies to establish prices that ensure customer satisfaction while maximizing profits and market share.

*Some marketing managers collaborate with sales, product development and other departments to monitor trends and need for new products and services.

*Their duties include focusing on the customer, finding vendors, monitoring the competition, owning the brand, communicating internally, effectively managing a budget and planning and executing strategies.

*Before developing strategies and marketing plans, marketing managers must conduct extensive research regarding the market, competitors and customer base.

*Marketing managers must implement strategies to help them find and maintain customers.

Training and Education Requirements

*A bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or business administration is most prefarable.

*A background or education in management, economics, business law, finance, accounting, mathematics and statistics are highly recommended.

*Computer skills are required for managing data, creating reports and promoting services.

*Also, additional language skills would be prefarable since the ability to communicate with other populations helps promote services and open up opportunities in other areas throughout the country.

*Marketing managers should be highly motivated, creative and decisive.

*They need to be able to work well under pressure and focus well enough to complete projects on deadline.

*Persuasive communication skills and ability to work well with other managers and the public are very important.

*Marketing managers should also have good judgment and tact.
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