Medical Office Administrator Full Time
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United States | MBA / MSc | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Administration & Office Support | Healthcare / Medical

Job Summary
Medical Office Administrator Job Description

*The job of a medical office administrator is basically to ensure that the doctors and patients are not inconvenienced with anything.

*He or she will have to do the jobs such as financial transaction, necessary drugs and other medial equipments, infrastructure in the office and other requirements of the office are fulfilled.

*He aims at ensuring that the doctors and patients are not inconvenienced at anything.

Duties and Responsibilities

*He or She has to keep the records of incomes and expenses day to day perfectly with transparency.

*He or she will have to be very sure about the medical equipments so will have to ensure that the medical office is not short of medical essentials

*He or she will also have to oversee and review the work of staff members such as nurses and ward boys.

*He or she will also have to hire the new staff as per requirements

*He or she will be very active in making plans for procuring new equipment and upgrade facilities in the office

*He or She will also have to be very sure about the works of records and security of the computer systems and network

*He or She will also be very sure about the records and funds of other financial institutions are up to date

*He or she will need to do the work with the organization so will have to organize all the data present in the office in a systematic and easy to retrieve manner

*He or She also has to perform the duty to form the government bodies in the office and also act as public relations personnel

Skills and Specifications

*He or She should have the excellent organizational, administrative and interpersonal skills.

*He or she has the quality to communicate with everybody should have the skills of communication both verbally and written.

*He or She should have the ability to do the work perfectly so should have the skills of analyze, evaluate and organize matters

*He or she will have to work under stress full atmosphere so should have excellent ability to troubleshoot in times of emergencies

*He or She would need a very strong knowledge about various ongoing activities of a medical office

Education and Qualification

*He or She needs to have a masters degree in business administration or health administration

*He or She having the experience of a medical facility will be an asset for him or her.
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