Network Strategy Manager Full Time
Telefónica UK

England - Slough, United Kingdom | Bachelor's Degree | 5 - 7 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Information Technology | Telecommunications

Job Summary

The role is responsible for developing, maintaining and communicating a cross technology, integrated network strategy which meets the needs of O2’s Business, Technical and Customer Service requirements. This role will involve working cross functionally across the whole of the O2 organisation to ensure engagement and agreement with all stakeholders.

The focus of the strategy will be in the medium to long term (1 year and beyond), but will need to ensure that it also seamlessly evolves from today’s tactical network plans. In particular there is a requirement to marry the ‘here and now’ facts with the ‘What If’, maintaining acute awareness of current business economics whilst not constraining original thinking by current barriers and limitations.

  • GSM 2G, WCDMA 3G, LTE and other radio access technologies
  • Core network, circuit and packet switched domains
  • Transmission network for the access, metro and backbone networks
  • Internet service provider network for both mobile and fixed

The role will be required to ensure that end to end co-ordination in assembling the strategy is realised.

The role will be required to work with and act as a bridge between the technical and non-technical functions within O2 to set the future strategy and direction. This requires ensuring that key business objectives and targets are translated into technical requirements and technical challenges are communicated back to the business in way that can be understood by a non-technical audience.

 A strong leadership style will be essential, to gain respect from business stakeholders, and to create a sense of community within direct and virtual teams.

The role will require keeping abreast of key advancements in the area of networks to understand their relevance to O2 and how any opportunities maybe leveraged.


Job Responsibilites


  • Build and maintain a strong team. Develop the skills and capabilities of the team and use strong leadership to enthuse and motivate
  • Working with the Technology functions to build an end to end roadmap for key technologies
  • Creation and validation of business cases for technology evaluation
  • Keeping abreast of industry events and understanding how they maybe applicable to O2
  • Communication of Technology Strategy to everyone within O2
  • To work with regulatory function to support and provide input to OFCOM related activities.
  • Working with Technology functions to ensure that the appropriate skills, processes and tools are adopted and used
  • Ensuring best practise is realised in the Technology directorate
  • Competitor intelligence and benchmarking
  • Working closely with O2 Group, O2 OB’s and Telefonica to align strategies and delivery
  • To work closely with O2 Group and Telefonica to leverage synergies
  • Ensuring that the technical strategy is turned into specific programmes and projects for delivery.
  • To drive and deliver 50/50/50 business objectives
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