Office Assistant (Transport) Full Time
Hamilton Lloyd And Associates

Lagos, Nigeria | High School | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Transportation/Trucking/Railroad | Logistics / Transportation

Job Summary

Reports to:  Assistant Officer (Finance and Administration).

The candidate is responsible for dropping and picking of staff from seminars, conferences, meetings. In addition, assist with deliveries and collections of office supplies, mails, cheques, parcels and external errands.

Job Responsibilites
  • Undertake routine and preventive maintenance of motor vehicle by checking and topping-up the level of petrol, oil, water, battery electrodes and tyre pressure before operating the vehicle
  • Regularly clean and polish the vehicle, change tyre as well as make minor repairs or adjustments
  • Drive motor vehicle (car and van) to transport directors, staff, clients and others to designated locations
  • Load and offload baggage for passengers, goods and other material supplies with due regard to the safety of other people
  • Maintain records of the motor vehicle’s daily activity showing journey, mileage, petrol, oil and signature of authorising officer to account for all the journeys made
  • Regulate the radio, heating, lighting and ventilation system for passenger comfort
  • Observe traffic and safety precautions in order to prevent accidents and to avoid traffic violations. In addition, undertakes first aid in case of injuries
  • Report motor vehicle accident to the traffic police and the Finance and Administration Officer, obtaining police abstract report and completing insurance accident report form in conformance to traffic rules and regulations
  • Requisition for petrol, lubricants and spare parts and maintaining a record accounting for the same
  • Implement preventive maintenance by taking motor vehicle for major service or repairs in accordance with planned schedule or instructions.
  • Collect, deliver mail, parcels and documents both to and from outside the organization
  • Paying bills, registering letters for postage, collecting and delivering mail and other items. Maintain a log of items delivered or received on a daily basis



  • Ability to follow detailed oral and written instructions including operating manuals and maintenance manuals
  • Knowledge of transport routes in both urban and rural areas in the country and ability to interpret road maps and rough hand drawn sketches
  • Ability to interpret and comply with safety codes, traffic rules, regulations, and safe operating practices
  • Ability to perform safety inspections, recognize and report mechanical problems, perform preventive maintenance check (oil, and all fluid levels, tire pressure) etc
  • Ability to manoeuvre vehicle in tight spaces, judging distance in congested and confined positions
  • Ability to operate vehicles at night and in all types of severe weather conditions, in mountainous areas or on rough steep terrain and loose surfaces
  • Ability to lift and load/offload heavy baggage and demonstrate complete knowledge of materials transported and their characteristics in order to deliver material safely to job location taking into restrictions account weight.
Job Requirements
  • Certificate of Secondary Education (“O” Level) with a pass in English  languages
  • Driving License Class B, C, E without any endorsements including Trade Test Certificate in motor-vehicle maintenance
  • Minimum three (3) years relevant experience driving all type of vehicles in different terrains and weather conditions.
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