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Job Description

Paralegal Job Description

*They are responsible for completing many of the same tasks as fully-qualified lawyers, however paralegals are prohibited from performing any duties considered to be part of practicing law, such as appearing in court and dispensing legal advice.

*Instead, paralegals perform the preparatory and organizational tasks that are essential to the creation, maintenance, and accessibility of legal documents.

Duties and Responsibilities

*The specific duties of a paralegal are determined by their place of employment and their area of specialization.

*The majority of paralegals are employed by law firms, but they are also in-demand in corporate legal departments, and various government agencies.

*Paralegals that specialize in a particular area of the law may only perform one or two basic tasks once they reach the upper levels of their profession.

*In general, a paralegal is responsible for working alongside lawyers to assist them in preparing for hearings, trials, meetings, and closings.

*Paralegals may be required to research the different aspects of a particular case and identify all relevant information such as judicial decisions, legal studies, articles, and pertinent laws.

*Paralegals might draft types of legal documents that are unrelated to litigation.

*Corporate paralegals often work with attorneys in the creation of employee contracts, stock-option plans, benefit plans, and shareholder agreements.

*Corporate paralegals might also be charged with reviewing government regulations in order to make sure the corporation is operating within the law.

*Paralegals who work for government agencies have many of the same tasks as paralegals employed by law firms.

*They are usually responsible for preparing documents explaining agency laws, regulations, and policy that are distributed to the public.

Training and Education Requirements

Although there is no specific degree requirement for paralegals, it is advisable to complete a degree or certificate course in order to be competitive in the field.
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