Public Relations Officer(PRO) Full Time

Abu Zaby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates | Bachelor's Degree | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Public Relations and Communications | Financial Services

Job Summary

Public relations (PR) is a distinctive management function which helps establish and maintain lines of communication between an organisation and its publics. PR uses the editorial space within print publications, websites, television and radio shows to communicate a brand’s message. Essentially it is about managing reputation. Public relations consultancies offer advice and services to a wide range of organisations. Most consultancies offer a wide range of services and areas of expertise, while others may specialise in a particular area such as consumer PR, corporate PR or public affairs. Public Relations officers will be responsible for both internal and external communications and need to develop an in-depth knowledge of their organisations and its business environment to a level not possible for an external consultant. PR officers tend to work directly for the companies they are representing. They monitor publicity and use multiple communications channels and media platforms to promote their company’s image and brand. They will be conducting extensive research and planning, implementing and managing public relations strategies. They liaise with internal and external stakeholders and business associates, such as employees, senior management teams, media professionals and advertising and marketing agencies. They also will be preparing and distributing PR materials, such as press releases, brochures, posters, ad campaigns and company reports. Furthermore, you’ll be responsible for maintaining and updating internal and external communication portals, such as newsletters, websites and social networking pages. You’ll also be in charge of coordinating press conferences, open days, speeches from senior managers, company visits and community projects.


Job Responsibilites
  • Writing promotional material and press releases.
  • Producing brochures, leaflets and videos.
  • Organising press briefings and news conferences.
  • Attending or setting up exhibitions and conferences.
  • Project-managing product launches.
  • Gathering, distributing and filing all media coverage generated for clients.
  • Analysing coverage and tracking emerging issues using digital tracking on, for example, websites or blogs of interest to their clients.
  • Assisting with props or sets for a photo-shoot or assisting in setting up an event such as a client meeting or a press briefing.
Job Requirements

Professional Skill Requirements:

• Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Adept at using experience and knowledge of industry, geographic and technology trends to assess and shape business solutions.
• Effective leadership and management skills with a proven ability to build and lead high performing teams and develop future leaders.

• 3+ years of experience in PRO field.
• Bachelor's degree.
• MBA is a plus.
• Ability to meet travel requirements, when applicable.

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