Publicist in United States

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Public Relations
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Publicist Job Description

*A publicist is the one who connects the bridge between his client and the press.

*It is their job to market their client to the public through media.

*They are responsible in providing the media with the client’s information and facts.

*Whether their clients are celebrities or businesses, the publicist provides answers to questions as well as represent their client, especially when there are negative issues.

*Publicity work is ideal for those who have high self-confidence, have a flair for writing, and have a natural skill in marketing.

Duties and Responsibilities

*It is the publicist’s job to get media exposure for their clients.

*They provide the press with the right information in a certain manner that promotes the client’s image.

*Generally, publicists are the ones who make sure a company retains a reputable image with the public.

*If the client makes a blunder, it is the publicist who sets it right with the press.

*Mostly, publicists get press attention by issuing press releases. These are announcements sent out to media companies notifying them of their client’s latest projects, new developments, or any other new endeavors.

*Publicists also cultivate relationships with the press. They are always present during important events like awards ceremonies, social parties, and press conferences.

*Publicists guide the press and provide them need-to-know facts about their clients.

*Good publicists recognize the story certain journalists want to write about. The publicist needs to understand which publication or TV/radio shows could be interested in such topic.

Skills and Education

*Most companies require a bachelor's degree in Journalism or Communication Arts.

*Working in publicity requires writing efficiency. Any aspiring publicist should be confident in this area.

*Attitude is also important. A publicist should know how to make their client sound interesting and create an overall positive impression.

*A work in public relations involves a lot of hard work, charm, and perseverance.
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