Relationship Officer / Manager Full Time
ACE Global Depository

Lagos, Nigeria | Bachelor's Degree | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Customer Service | Client Services

Job Summary

To assist the Regional Relationship Manager in his/her role of marketing ACE services to a diverse range of clients over the world and work hand with different departments in ACE group to ensure deliverable to our customers.

Job Responsibilites

Overall responsibility: He/she will assist the Marketing Manager in creating and obtaining sign-off for new deals. He/she will have in-depth knowledge of all the services offered by ACE, have the ability to customise products and create new offerings for unique client needs, educate ACE and external clients/partners around on ACE and bank services, and train the ACE staff on new products and how they function on an operational level.


Specific Responsibilities

    Understand the regulations and legal requirements for the specific country/region to perform ACE Services in the specific region. Understand the specific commodity measurement, process, mechanism, etc per country. (Commodity Profile). A deal can be originated by any person in ACE Group but must be forwarded to relationship team immediately. 

With the assistance of Technical Support Services Manager and Borrower, prepare Commodity Profile Specifics, ACE Credit Shield Insurance Questionnaire, KYCC in ACE approved format.

    With the assistance of Legal Officer, prepare Commodity Format legal,

    Perform due diligence on the transaction (KYCC to be used) to identify all the risks associated with the transaction and prepare risk Mitigate structure in the attached format to be shared with all parties involved in the transaction.

    Makes a recommendation in ACE approved format Relationship Manager’s Recommendation (RMR) to the CSAC at AOC level.

    Draft the contracts with assistance of legal department, based on the ACE services to be performed.

    Sends the CPS, the KYCC, the ACE Credit Shield, CLF, draft contracts and KYCC to the Credit Support Manager and the Technical Support Services Manager

    Communicate the findings to the lenders and confirm ACE involvement in the operation and any recommendations made by credit support manager as a result of storage facility inspection.

    Obtain Communication in writing from the lender on ACE engagement or intention to engage ACE and communicate to Finance Manager and Risk Manager.

    Identify a potential client and assess their needs

    Capture potential clients and deals on the E3C system

    Attend meeting with prospect and existing clients and write call report just after the meeting with action points, responsible person and time framework

    Convert potential deals to live deals (targets signed each year)

    Present new deals to approval forum (credit support approval committee)

    Draft term sheets and mandate letters

    Maintain database of all the commodities traded covering countries of origin, statistics key players, quality specifications, etc,….

    Obtain information required to perform due diligence on the borrower from the bank where the bank has approved the facility of from either the bank or the borrower where ACE has marketed the borrower

    Request and negotiate deal approval (clients, products, insurance)

    Request contracts from Legal and provide consultation, obtain client signature

    Obtain external legal council as appropriate

    Communicate agreed client and deal rates to the finance department

    Review invoices for external legal council, insurance, transport and clearing agent

    Find new buyers when necessary (mark-to-market payments not made)

    Facilitate the granting or refusal of requests for a payment extension period

    Check country, product commodity and client credit limits periodically

    Determine required credit limits

    Identify the need for insurance and revise insurance policies with insurers

    Determine the need for an insurance claim and liaise with the client for details

    Determine the action in the event of an insurance claim

    Actively market and negotiate banks products in new regions to drive division expansion

    Actively market and negotiate ACE products in new regions to drive division expansion

    Determine means to mitigate unique regional risks such that bank and ACE can expand operations

    Liaise with legal experts in-country regarding product constructs, etc.

    Train, coach and assist new marketers in new regions, and train the TSS and Credit Support officers in ACE and banks back-office staff

Job Requirements
  • A minimum of University degree in an appropriate field.
  • 3 years work experience in all departments in any ACE operating office.
  • A course in Risk Assessment will be an added advantage.

Essential attributes will include:

  • Knowledge of the commodities markets worldwide, big players in these markets, seasonality of certain commodities,
  • Intricate knowledge of trade finance and financial instruments,
  • Knowledge of ACE services in relation to bank products.
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