Risk And Compliance Executives Full Time
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United States | Bachelor's Degree | 7 - 10 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Human Resources | Engineering / Technology

Job Summary
Job Summary:

Incumbents would be responsible for the provision of Risk Management and Compliance functions by the Company. Working as a team of Risk Management and Compliance, they are to ensure continual improvement is achieved through ongoing review of business processes within area of corporate responsibility and demonstrated leadership in people management and development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* Manage the overall provision of Risk Management and Compliance functions (including the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act).

* Develop an integrated approach to the provision of Risk Management and Compliance

* Implement framework for building education, understanding and accountability of risk management and compliance, including occupational health and safety, throughout the Company.

* Ensure accurate and timely development of the Audit Committee agenda and minutes.

* Facilitate the implementation of actions arising from Internal and External audits.

* Participate in the development of the internal audit program and be the key point of contact for internal and external auditors.

* Be the key point of contact and facilitate timely responses for information and documents as requested by the Local Government Inspectorate and any other agencies with investigative powers.

* Ensure that requests made under any relevant legislation are managed in accordance with statutory requirements.

* Ensure that the Company services maintain a customer focus, achievement of business plan objectives and compliance with statutory requirements.

* Continually assess processes, systems and structure to ensure that the all teams are meeting the Company's Excellence objectives.

* Prepare reports and statistical data on risk management and compliance issues for the
information of Executive Team, Council, community and relevant Government Departments.

* Provide high level strategic advice and analysis in the determination of organisational risk management and compliance.

* Provide strategic advice regarding Insurance program to minimise costs and
maximise insurance coverage and protection.

* Develop, implement and review the Company's Risk Management Plan, ensuring ongoing
compliance with relevant Laws.

* Provide frameworks for building consultative and decision making processes for strategic risk management and assist in implementation.

* Enhance Top Management Team's awareness and application of Risk Management Processes to ensure minimization of Company's potential exposure to public liability, professional indemnity and property management risks and other key risk areas.

* Build relationships and partnerships with stakeholders to advocate effectively on behalf of the Company and the Community.

* Lead and/or participate in the implementation of a range of corporate initiatives and actively increase the metabolism of the Company by developing partnerships and teamwork.

* Demonstrate a sound understanding of the political environment and respect for others roles with a commitment to democratic governance.

Skills and Knowledge:

The Incumbents must have:

* A record of proven high performance and professional knowledge in risk and property management, or similar services.

* An understanding of relevant legislation.

* A demonstrable record of achievement at a strategic, innovative and people leadership level.

* A sound knowledge of budgeting and relevant accounting and financial procedures.

* Personal characteristics of being a ‘team player’ with broad vision and the ability to provide leadership where necessary.

* A sound understanding of Company's vision and ability to articulate it to others.

* Management skills at a senior level to achieve goals and objectives and ensure effectiveness of a group of diverse functions and teams.

* Well developed human resource management skills and individual & team development initiatives.

* Ability to identify key opportunities and develop and implement strategies to achieve objectives and goals.

* Ability to manage time, set priorities and meet deadlines for self and department staff.

* Demonstrated ability to prepare and adhere to budgets and business plans.

* Ability to manage information flow upwards and downwards from an organisational

* Ability to guide and influence others and to lead and motivate, and develop staff.

* Ability to resolve issues and solve problems at a strategic and organisational level.

* Excellent negotiation skills.

* Well developed written and verbal communication skills and effective presentation skills.

* High level analytical skills, including a grasp of technological issues.

* Demonstrated commitment to a team approach.

* High quality leadership skills.

* Ability to delegate responsibly.

* A committed ‘change agent’ with ability to initiate, implement and manage change.

Education and Qualification:

The incumbent requires:

* A tertiary qualification (HND or Bachelors Degree) in a relevant discipline with significant and diverse experience in both operational areas and management.

* Relevant computer skills.

* Any Post Graduate or Masters Certification or Degree in a Business, Administrative, Commercial and/or Human Resource Field would be an added advantage.
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