Mercedes-Benz UK Ltd

England - London, United Kingdom | Professional Qualification | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Sales/Business Development | Automotive

Job Summary
Main duties and responsibilities:
  • You are required to maintain ethical standards in accordance with Daimler AG Policies and the Company's Compliance Guidelines and Policies including Anti-Bribery and all relevant competition law
  • Calling on, welcoming and providing support personally, by telephone and in writing to interested parties and customers
  • Informing and advising visitors on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, equipment, prices, conditions, technical data and other issues
  • Explaining differences between Mercedes-Benz vehicles and competitors' vehicles; highlighting usefulness/advantages
  • Immediately passing on customers' wishes to sales management
  • Evaluating used cars and arranging for technical appraisals to be carried out
  • Introducing customers to other customer support units and continuously maintaining contact with these units
  • Preparing and carrying out follow-up contacts and compiling contact reports
  • Organising and carrying out test-drives and evaluate results
  • Compiling and sending out offers
  • Well-targeted and continuous planning of acquisition of new customers
  • Establishing contact personally, in writing and by telephone
  • Positioning information material (brochures, catalogues, etc.) and ensuring availability
  • Involvement in design of exhibition space and product placement
  • Involvement in sales events
  • Guaranteeing professional level of product presentation (price marking, accessibility, cleanliness, etc.)
  • Carrying out market and target group analyses and compiling statistics
  • Fostering contacts to key individuals, associations and groups in the region
  • Carrying out customer and demand/need-oriented sales discussions
  • Offering and selling accessories
  • Explaining financing and leasing opportunities and insurances and concluding/arranging relevant contracts
  • Concluding sales, negotiating terms (trade-ins, type and method of payment, method of vehicle transfer, etc.), if necessary obtaining agreements and drawing up the sales contract
  • Offering and selling service packages
  • Prepare offers and follow-up with customers and prospects
  • Recording the customer's order, preparing cost calculation and passing them on to the respective department
  • Checking confirmation of order and, if necessary, passing it on to the customer
  • Recording, dealing with and passing on customer's desired amendments 
    (changes to vehicle type and fittings)
  • Agreeing on processing and registration procedures with customer
  • Supervising conclusion of financing, leasing contracts, insurances and service contracts
  • Reaching agreements with internal partners (Ordering, Sales Management) and external contacts (financing and leasing partners, etc.)
  • Supervising all processes up to delivery
  • Agreeing with customers when the vehicle is to be put at their disposal (date, delivery, registration, etc.)
  • Handing over vehicle and introducing customer to the vehicle
  • Planning and carrying out regular contact with customers
  • Regularly recording customer satisfaction and initiating relevant measures
  • Taking individual period of ownership of customer's vehicle into consideration with respect to timely follow-up orders
Job Requirements
  • Has completed sales training, ideally in the automobile industry, or within a high value retail sales environment.
  • Excellent listening and communication skills.
  • Has the ability to follow a structured Sales Process.
  • Has a genuine passion for the delivery of first class customer service.
  • Pass relevant CBT modules in respect of insurance, product knowledge and TCF.

Competencies for the role: Communication & Contact Behaviour

  • Appearance / general manner / charisma.
  • Sociability and ability to establish relationships.
  • Eloquence / gestures, facial expressions, body language.
  • Structuring and leading discussions/talks.
  • Acceptance/active listening.
  • Ability to argue effectively / enthuse others.

Job Motivation, Willingness to Learn & Get Involved

  • Importance of job.
  • Concrete career goals.
  • Attitude to service industry.
  • Attitude to company.
  • Willingness to pass on information / to learn.
  • Commitment / willingness to work / initiative.

Mental Agility (flexibility)

  • Creativity (inventiveness)
  • Problem-solving ability (adapting to new situations)
  • Intellectual capacity.
  • Learning ability.

Independent & Systematic Action

  • Target orientation / pursuing own goals / determination.
  • Organisational ability / ability to organise own work / working systematically.
  • Independence / self-responsibility.
  • Own opinions.
  • Decision-making ability.

Co-operation and Ability to Work in a Team

  • Efforts to find common ground / to involve others.
  • Ability to handle conflict / to accept criticism.
  • Actively seeking to reconcile interests / seeking a consensus.
  • Tolerance and acceptance (attitude)
  • Attitude to teamwork.


  • Authentic behaviour.
  • Credibility/trustworthiness.
  • Convincing personality.
  • Empathy.
  • Reliability.
  • Ability to handle pressure (physical and mental)
  • Personal integrity.

Methodological Abilities

  • Ability to carry out analysis of needs and requirements.
  • Ability to advise others.
  • Ability to conclude a contract / negotiate.
  • Preparing and following up customer contacts.
  • Knowledge of / accessibility to /applying sales tool(s)
  • Efficient procedures, knowledge of processes, systemic skills.

Assessment Process:

  • Pre assessment discussion with Sales Manager
  • Attendance at Sales Executive Assessment Centre
  • Interview with Sales Manager and North London Training Manager
  • SHL CCSQ profile (No less than scores of 4 across all categories)


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