Secondary School Chaplain Full Time
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Job Summary
Secondary School Chaplain Job Description

*A chaplain is a minister such as a priest, pastor, attached to a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, military unit, police department, university, or private chapel.

*A secondary school chaplain is usualy attached to the cahpel as the resident pastor or preacher.

*They are in charge of taking care of the spiritual aspect and life of the students and staff alike.

*They are mostly found in schools wit hostels and most times have to be resident there.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Preparing daily sermons and words of exhortations for assemblies and general meetings.

*Seeing to the general welfare of the students.

*Giving spiritual advice to students and staff. these advice are however not mandatory.

*Organising school singing concerts and prayer meetings

*Making sure the students join a service unit or the other and assist in spiritual growth.

Skills and Specifications


*Team working skills

*Organisational skills

*Communication skills

*Interpersonal skills.
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