Senior HVAC Technician Full Time

Abu Zaby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates | Bachelor's Degree | 10 - 15 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Information Technology | Engineering / Technology

Job Summary

Our client is a global oil industry leader with operations in over 130 countries. They are also a leading refiner and petrochemical manufacturer whose products include automotive fuels, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas.

As part of a team work:
• Ensure that operations activities are conducted in compliance with safety and environmental protection procedures, while optimizing costs and lead times, meet the production program.
• Ensure that the personnel, equipment and services are appropriate to the operational requirements.
• Contribute to the profitability of the Exploration and Production investments, by continuously striving to improve the equipment, services and operational procedures.
• Participate in the training of junior personnel.

As part of the general framework:
• Represent the Company in the field before external contractors.
• Prepare and supervise in person the delicate or risky field operations (1).
• Preserve, make reliable and adapt tools to field operation conditions.
• Analyze the functional parameters of the facilities.
• Anticipate potential problems and predict degraded situations.
• Ensure the reliability and consistency of technical information.
• Ensure and Check the daily production reporting (1).
• Participate in the technical and operational analyses, audits and inspections.
• Optimize the activities of service providers and assess their performance.
• Ensure that the affiliate SE policy, frame of reference are adhered to.
• Contribute to improve skills and know-how, experience feedback.
• Evaluate personnel
• Train personnel members

Specific to Production Supervision:
• Review and Validate field operations programs (1).
• Supervise the implementation of field operations programs.
• Supervise the field operation personnel and manage service providers.
• Optimize the field operations in liaison technical support.
• Assume the operational responsibilities as part of the work permit.
• Prepare and Validate operational procedures (1)
• Organize and coordinate operations logistics.

Specific to Maintenance Supervision:
• Review and Validate preventive and predictive maintenance programs (1).
• Supervise the implementation of these programs in accordance with field operations.
• Supervise the maintenance personnel and manage the external service providers.
• Optimize the maintenance activities in liaison with technical support.
• Supervise and coordinate repairs, equipment replacements.
• Prepare and Check maintenance procedures (1)
• Coordinate with technical support, the spare parts, the preparations of heavy maintenance operations.
• Coordinate with the relevant departments the facility or equipment modifications.

Job Responsibilites

• Works according to well defined procedures and clearly set precedents. Completed work is checked at regular intervals.
• Frequent contacts with safety, production and other maintenance disciplines staff mainly at own level for exchange of information and co-ordination.

HSE Responsibilities:
A person in a supervisory or leading position is accountable to his manager for the implementation of the HSEMS within his area of responsibility. As such his duties and areas of authority are:

• Setting a personal example in adherence to TABK HSE procedures.
• Ensuring that Company rules and procedures are known and understood by their subordinates Version: 2 (20/08/05) 3
• Raising awareness and providing guidance in directing employees under their supervision with regard to the execution of the HSEMS, both for Company Staff and Contractors without detracting from Contractor's legal Obligations.
• Ensuring compliance with Company Rules, Procedures and Instructions and applicable legislation.
• Assuring themselves and the persons under their supervision of the safety of their work site before commencing work.
• Taking the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger.
• Exercising such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or avoid pollution.

• The working conditions with minimal risk of personal harm and adverse impact to the environment.
• The installations, equipment and tools.
• The means for personal protection.
• The resources and regular drills for handling emergency response hygienic conditions and good housekeeping.
• Supervising Contractor activities.
• Ensuring the workplace is left behind in a correct and orderly state upon job/shift completion.
• Conducting regular inspections.
• Giving clear and concise instructions and information to their subordinates/staff.
• Participating in HSE Committees.
• Participating in the Company emergency response organisation.
• Reporting any incident: anomaly, unsafe acts, near miss, damage, spill, injury, etc..
• Notifying relevant staff on accidents, incidents and near-misses.
• Investigating and reporting accidents or incidents, which occurred under their supervision.
• Initiating corrective/remedial action as result of findings of investigations.

Job Requirements


• Formal Education (Diplomas): B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering + HVAC diploma
• Professional experience (in years): 10 years experience in oil and gas HVAC industry

We offer

One year with possible extension(s).
Rotation Cycle: Offshore - Abu Dhabi. 29 days on duty 127 days off-duty.

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