Senior Legal Counsel Full Time
Al Tayer Group

Ash Shariqah [Sharjah], United Arab Emirates | Post Graduate Degree | 10 - 15 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Legal | Automotive

Job Summary

To provide continued support to the legal function of Al Tayer Group in rendering legal expertise and services for all internal and external business activities; offer legal advice to Management and ensure the company is compliant with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual requirements and to assess, explain, negotiate and clearly document contractual risk and responsibility (legal and commercial)

Job Responsibilites

Strategic Responsibilities

    Participate in the strategy formulation exercise of ATG to ensure due awareness of legal considerations that may impact the business
    Monitor Group legal framework, including policies and processes to safeguard interest of the Group; ensure implementation thereof across Corporate and Business Units
    Participate, as and when required, in the development of the legal policies and procedures framework, to enhance the effectiveness of the Legal Counsel Function, in line with legislative requirements and the Group's strategy and direction

Functional Responsibilities

    Work closely with the Chief Legal Officer in setting, establishing and ensuring adherence to processes, policies and procedures to meet compliance, legal and regulatory requirements as required by the various governing regulatory bodies
    Report compliance issues to the Chief Legal Officer. Ensuring compliance activity takes account of all relevant legislation and related activities
    Ensuring adherence to all compliance obligations set both externally (through legislation, regulation or industry guidelines) and with related internal policy and procedures

Legal Counsel

    Provide legal advice on formulation of business policies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigation of legal risks
    Monitor the legal and regulatory environment, including changes to laws & regulations that may affect operations of the Group or any part of it and proactively advise the Chief Legal Officer, relevant BU Heads/ Managers, in order to take the appropriate actions
    Participate in contract negotiations with Principals, Suppliers and Legal Counsel of other parties with a view to secure business interest, ensure the favourable risk allocation and safeguard the business from any known or unaccounted contractual risks
    Provide counsel and advice on legal matters pertaining to franchise/ concession agreements, leases, construction/consultancy contracts, commercial contracts, purchase agreements, licensing agreements, insurance, property matters, company law, labour law etc. to ensure that management receives the required legal advice
    Identify outside legal counsel, negotiate contracts with along with co-counsel for litigation and legal representation, liaise with outside legal counsel to obtain external advice on legal issues, review quality, facilitate pre trial work and manage risks associated with external legal representation, follow up on payments to legal counsels to ensure that the company receives the appropriate assistance from external legal counsels for litigation and legal advice
    Coordinate with concerned departments and other parties in evaluation of potential litigation; develop recommendations for appropriate proceedings including prosecution, dismissal or settlement of such litigations, based upon Group's policy
    Investigate legal claims and complaints by or against the company, conduct interviews, prepare reports and/or opinions based on findings to ensure that top management is made aware of all aspects of the legal claims and complaints and the associated risk
    Assist in the formation of new businesses under the Group and ensure that these new businesses and the processes in general are in line with regulatory requirements
    Oversee final terms and conditions for all key contracts between the Group and other parties and provide to Chief Legal Officer for final approval
    Participate in Management meetings as required and offer legal opinion on any discussed issue; advise Heads of Department and Key Management on all legal matters pertaining to their responsibilities, potential liabilities, exposures and any matters necessary for making informed decisions within their capacities in line with Group operations
    Participate in the drafting, negotiating and finalization of contracts between the organization and its vendors, consultants, contractors and customers (master developers, building owners, and individual tenants)
    Identify areas of potential risk / exposure and ensure that safety clauses are built into the contract to protect the organization's interests
    Review final contract document to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations governing the contract

People Development

    Guide and motivate subordinates to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher level roles
  • Ensure that team members are acquainted with the changing situation and the developments of ATG
Job Requirements
  • Should have knowledge of the local, state, federal, international and constitutional law affecting the Group
  • Should be able to communicate effectively and have excellent negotiation skills
  • Should be able to participate and facilitate group meetings
  • Should be able to lead and motivate teams
  • Should be able to manage multiple projects
  • 10+ years experience in the legal function either in house or law firm


  • Graduate degree in Law or above

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