Small Engine Mechanic in United States

at a Confidential Company

Minimum Qualification
High School
Required Experience
Entry Level
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Small Engine Mechanic Job Description

*A small engine mechanic has limited expertise and thus his skill is more centralized.

*The expertise and skills are mainly utilized in understanding the source of a problem in one type of equipment and resolving the problem with known techniques.

*The equipment is usually a motorboat or motor-cycle or any power equipment which runs by motor.

*The mechanical and technical defaults in the machines are identified, addressed, administered and mended by the small engine mechanic.

Small Engine Mechanic Duties and Responsibilities

*Maintaining and repairing gasoline enabled machines that are used in the engines of household or commercial equipments

*Aligning and adjusting valves, bulbs, distributors, brakes, wires, plugs, pumps, gears, pistons, incubators and gauges

*Overhauling and refitting engine parts after repair and maintenance

*Recording the date and time of last repair and maintenance work and the parts used

*Cleaning and lubricating joints

*Regulation and ensuring safety of ignition points and gas cylinders

*Interacting with customers to note down their problems

*Estimating overhead costs and expenses involved in repair work

*Inspecting engines regularly

*Guiding customers on how to maintain equipments and clean parts

*Removing useless machinery and reinstating new parts

Skills and Specifications

*Good reading ability and comprehension skill as the job requires understanding of manuals and description of problems

*Good writing ability for documenting repair specifications

*Great degree of knowledge about machines and hand tools

*Analytical thinking with which deficiencies can be identified and likely problems can be predicted

*Hand dexterity for steadiness of hand and coordination with body

*Leadership skill opens scope for promotion to supervisory jobs

*Sales skill prompts one to open mechanic shops

Education and Qualifications

*High school diploma with credits in Science, English, Mathematics

*Apprenticeship or in-school training for a stipulated duration is essential
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