Sports, Athletics And Coaching in United States

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Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Sports, Athletics and Coaching Job Description

*Athletic Coaches can coach many different types of sports teams, such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer. They work with athletes to train them for competition before a game. Athletic Coaches are professionally trained in the workings of strategics, rules, and methods of their sport. They must have knowledge in the different types of equipment used in sports, physical fitness, and safety rules. They must have exemplary skills in communication and leadership, perform well under pressure, and have the experience and confidence necessary in coaching a winning team. They must also have a thick skin in order to deal with the constant pressure of creating a winning team, and dealing with blame when a team loses.

*A coach who has a track record of the most winning teams will be looked at favorably.

Duties and Responsibilities

*Athletic Coaches can work in several areas of sports, such as University sports, professional, Seondary School sports, camps, and social clubs.

*Their responsibilities are to choose the best players in order to effectively balance a team, how to find players that could be potential winners for their team, and how to recruit players for a team.

*Athletic Coaches will spend a lot of time searching for potential players by attending games to watch other players and how they perform.

*They are always on the look out for potential champions.

*They seek out youthful secondary school students who want to have a career in sports, and offer to get them onto university teams once they graduate.

*They must also prepare their teams through mental and physical exercises to keep them motivated.

*Coaches who teach secondary school teams will spend a lot of their time filling out paperwork, ordering equipment, supplies, reserving buildings for practice, and scheduling.

*Most professional coaches have a large number of staff members, and managers that will help them with training, and administration duties.

*Professional Athletic coaches are usually under a large amount of strain due to their responsibilities for creating a winning team that will keep people coming to the games to see their favorite teams.

*They must be able to perform their duties without losing sight of the most important part of a team, which are the players.

*The Athletic Coaches need to ensure that the players are always tended to first. This may involve being able to recognize when a player is too exhausted to continue playing, and they need to act fast if a player is injured.

*Most coaches have medical sport technicians who are available at any moment for injuries.

*Athletic Coaches must always be proactive by keeping their players motivated and physically fit.

Training and Educational Requirements

*Athletic Coaches who teach Secondary School will need a Bachelor’s degree in most anything, but they are mostly looked at favorably if they have a degree in education, sports education, sports science, or a Masters degree.

*Professional Coaches will need a Masters degree in order to coach a professional team.
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