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England, United Kingdom | MBA / MSc | 7 - 10 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Engineering | Engineering / Technology

Job Summary

Standards Engineering has a critical role in ensuring that Qualcomm continues to be at the leading edge of communications technologies. We rely on the skills of those involved in Standards to develop useful new technologies, promote proactively Qualcomm technologies in industry groups, and protect Qualcomm's interests in emerging areas.

Qualcomm is looking for a Standards Engineer to work in the area of applications management, protocol design and systems architecture in secure systems platforms.

The candidate is expected to directly participate in product design activities in conjunction with relevant internal projects, develop new ideas and patent them, develop technical contributions, give high quality presentations of them within the committees of one of more standard bodies, work to obtain consensus and advance Qualcomm strategy and goals. The role further entails working with other Qualcomm Standards Engineers to understand and guide the evolution of standards across multiple bodies, and working with product teams to deliver standards compliant solutions to the market.

Job Responsibilites

Candidate will be expected to travel to meetings of standards body committees, for up to a week at a time. Candidate is expected to report on the meeting in which they participate at both a detailed technical level and a strategic level indicating the impact upon Qualcomm.
Candidate must have outstanding interpersonal skills, and be able to represent the views of Qualcomm within the professional and legal context of standards bodies.
Candidate should be able to work with implementation teams at a detailed technical level. A vital part of the role is to be able to identify, and discuss solutions to, technical issues, which arise as part of implementation.
Candidate will be responsible for developing, proposing and executing on a standardization strategy for Qualcomm in collaboration with different business units within the company
Candidate should be highly innovative, and able to see solutions to technical problems where others simply see roadblocks.

Job Requirements

Candidate should have a very good understanding of both wireless and wired communication protocols.
Candidate should have a both good theoretical and practical understanding of the design and architecture of systems from a security perspective.
The candidate should have experience designing, implementing, and testing protocols and systems.
Candidate should have good software engineering skills.
Experience in standardization working groups is highly desirable.
Experience with standards developed by NFC Forum, GlobalPlatform, ETSI SCP, or EMVCo is highly desirable.

Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills required.
Candidate should highlight any experience as an editor, rapporteur or chair of standards bodies.
Ability to work independently.

PhD, Masters or equivalent mix of education and experience, in a field related to communications, preferably wireless (cellular) communications.

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