Lagos, Nigeria | HND | Entry Level | Full Time | Male or Female | Building Design/Architecture | Architecture / Design

Job Summary

Yookos is seeking bright, talented, passionate individuals who strive for success at every opportunity. We believe business success is enhanced by an injection of fresh, forward thinking young minds. Realize your potential, join Yookos and connect your world.

Job Responsibilites
  • Define, maintain and implement Yookos system architecture roadmap in support of our  software application  strategy and goals
  • Integrate subsystems and modules with core functionality
  • Document the System Architecture in order to provide an overview of the entire system  and provide context to the subsystem architects and development team
  • Ensure adequate system documentation is maintained for core functionality and subsystems
  • Ensure design and architecture consistency across design boundaries and subsystems
  • Ensure elegance and simplicity of the overall system architecture
  • Advise and assist  Developers responsible for subsystems with major architectural decisions and review design decisions
  • Approve and review all changes to core functionality
  • Ensure alignment of source code and database objects with the defined system architecture
  • Formulate a plan of action to clean up and bring in line the existing source code projects and database objects with the defined system architecture
  • Formulate source code control methodologies to manage the source code and database objects in line with the defined system architecture
  • Advise the Engineering team on the Software selection, practices and standards, software development and technology trends and development process
Job Requirements
  • Experience maintaining and deploying mission critical production installations
  • Experience with Java programming stack, preferable to have knowledge of Spring/Guice, Struts/Stripes and web services
  • Familiarity with standard networking infrastructure (switches, firewalls, load banners, etc.)
  • Familiarity with standard internet protocols/servers (DNS, SMTP, etc.)
  • Ability to contribute to discussions about system architectures and machine specifications
  • Familiarity with load testing methodologies
  • Familiarity with monitoring solutions that scale to tens of thousands of monitored services
  • Expertise in Linux administration and shell scripting
  • Experience with configuration management tools like Puppet
  • Experience with DBA and SQL, in particular Postgres, MySQL
  • Experience with VMware
  • Experience with XMPP (both management and programmatic use of)
  • Experience with various EC2 systems
  • Experience with Python


Competitive remuneration package, to be negotiated based on qualifications and experience.

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