Technical Business Analyst in United States

at a Confidential Company

Consulting/Business Strategy & Planning
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Technical business analyst job profile and description

*A technical business analyst is basically the one who analyzes the technical aspects of the business and formulates plans and strategies to bring an improvement in them.

*He or she has to interact with the clients and other departments to assess the current standing of the company.

*He or she has to relay the requirements of them in technical language to the development team to provide the satisfactory work.

Duties and Responsibilities

*He or She has to make the coordination with the clients to understand their requirements

*He or She will have to convert the requirements in technical terms to show to the development team.

*He or she has to be ensuring about the work and see if the project is proceeding towards the right goals or not.

*He or she has the responsibility to get the feedback also to know about the response of the end-user towards the products developed in the company

*He or she has to give the training to the junior executives in the company

Technical business analyst skills and specifications

*He or she should have the knowledge about all the functions of the business where he or she is employed.

*He or She should have the ability to understand the whole process of product production and distribution

*He or she needs to have strong communication skills in order to communicate with company executives clients as well

*It will be needed to have the required computer knowledge and about the technical aspects as well.

*He or she should have the excellent troubleshooting skills in the stressful environment.

*The candidate will have to work with the team so will be able to work individually while analyzing results and working with technical departments

*The other skills required for the job is that the candidate should have strong organization, interpersonal and logical skills

Education and Qualification

*BASIC DEGREE: The basic degree which is required for the job is that the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in the field related to the subject that the company deals with.
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