Technical Writing Officer Full Time
Etihad Airways

Abu Zaby [Abu Dhabi], United Arab Emirates | Bachelor's Degree | 3 - 5 years | Full Time | Male or Female | Engineering | Airline / Aviation

Job Summary

The role of a Technical Writing Officer is defined under CAR-Ops 1 as being responsible for creating, maintaining and updating digital files of operations related manuals, documentation and training aids for the flight crew and determining whichever software environment is appropriate.

Construct standard templates for all manuals and publications which have to be approved and later on to be used in all documents which present a professional image of the company. Ensure that all updates and revisions are collected and accurately reflected in the manual for local authority’s approval.

Job Responsibilites

Responsible for maintaining and updating all GCAA approvedOperations related manuals, documentation. Operations related manuals in this case include the following:

  • OMA,
  • OMB – A319/A320 FCOM and QRH, A330/A340/A330F FCOM and QRH, B777/B777F FCOM and QRH, AFM (Airplane Flight Manuals), Boeing FPPM (Flight Planning and Performance Manual), Boeing FMSM (Fuel Measuring Stick Manual).
  • OMC – Route Information Manual
  • OMD – Training Manual
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures Manual (SEPM)
  • Flight Dispatch Manual
  • Ground Operations Manual
  • Cabin Crew Station Information
  • Cargo Services Manual

Create accurate PDF / HTML / XML versions of all Operational Documentation to ensure printed and electronic documents are of a consistent high quality

Keep Digital Flight Deck Library (Skybook, G-Drive, Intranet) up to date to ensure pilots are using current information. Also responsible for script related changes to the menu structure, using java scripts. Construct, maintain and update standard templates for all manuals and publications.     

Work with other departments to assist in formatting operational documents to ensure professional look and common appearance.

Maintain CD-ROM/DVD library to minimum stock levels to ensure availability.

Liaise with colleagues to ensure paper documentation and digital library are concurrent.

Carry out projects set by the Manager Operations Documentation                            

Attend training courses to ensure skills are up to date.

Work on XML format documents using Integrated Content Management System (ICMS)

Manage, customize and issue OEM manual revisions (TR and normal)

Responsible for timely issuance of Flight Operations Bulletins and Cabin Bulletins

Responsible for maintaining Flight Operations website and relevant cross linking of latest content to multiple Operations department sites.

Ensure that all updates and revisions are collected and accurately reflected in the manual. Maintain electronic backup of all revisions to manuals with respective ‘change requests’ for audit trail purposes.

Job Requirements

Qualification & Education:

Minimum requirement:

  • Completed High School Education
  • School Qualifications with information and communications technology (ICT) bias

Ideal Qualifications and Education:

  • All of the above plus:
  • Degree in computer related subject


Minimum requirement:

  • At least 4 years working in a Technical Writing environment
  • Experience of working to deadlines in a Technical Writing environment
  • Using templates to create a consistent presentation of information

Ideal Experience:

  • All of the above plus:
  • 2 years working in a Flight Operations Documentation Department
  • Creating and amending digital based aviation documentation in MS Word/Adobe Frame Maker/SGML
  • Experience of applying Local National Aviation Authority Regulations to Aircraft Manufacturer issued documents


  • Advanced MS Office
  • Adobe Acrobat/Frame Maker
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