Training And Development Executive in United States

at a Confidential Company

Engineering / Technology
Human Resources
Minimum Qualification
Bachelor's Degree
Required Experience
5 - 7 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Job Summary:

The Incumbents would handle the job of developing strategies and be the person to deliver the plans, both on paper and on the field. He or she would need to make sure of proper functioning of the team towards achieving the objectives. They are the one who help motivate the professionals of the team and get the best out of them.
Incumbents would therefore be developing, implementing and evaluating training programs for employees within the Company. They guide and prepare newly recruited employees and help to start them into their work. They often help staff members with job transitions if there is a corporate merger or acquisition. They also give guidance to staff members about any new technology, safety or health precautions or new launched products or practices. These Incumbents analyze the working situation, find out where training would be required and are most useful and accordingly design new programs to fit the company’s objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities:

* They come up with plans and strategies. Then put them into action and reap benefits.

* They keep a record of all the progress and report to the Director of Human Resources and also take a feedback and direction for future projects.

* They keep the team motivated in working for the Company. Keep them interested in order to achieve the target.

* They maintain an amiable working environment dedicated to provide quality service.

* They identify where the training is required and then preparing the appropriate program for getting the best results and productivity; using various training methods like audiovisual aids, classroom instruction, practical training, role-playing, group discussion etc. to train the employees.

* Evaluating the effectiveness of the training program conducted after the training sessions are completed to check that the desired objectives are being achieved.

Skills and Specifications:

* They need to have superior management skills. He or she should keep the employees satisfied and also be able to maintain the work environment.

* They need to have a good understanding of the work, the policies and procedures of company and also the knowledge about the legal requirements.

* They should be able to maintain a high standard of work and know what to do if things go wrong.

* The ability to look for opportunities in order to sustain development.

* Good communication skills.

* Good interpersonal and verbal skills to interact with employees or trainees.

* Knowledge about the work field and keeping in touch with the new developments in area of expertise is necessary to formulate training programs

Education and Qualification:

There is no specific degree for a job like this but must have at least a bachelor’s degree in some field like psychology, literature, human resources, management, business, administration, health, science or related field.

* Knowledge of computer is essential to do documentations and give presentations.

Experience as public speakers, teachers and broadcasters or any related Certification like CIPM Qualification or related also helps.
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