TV, Radio And Sports Announcer in United States

at a Confidential Company

Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
1 - 3 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

TV, Radio and Sports Announcer Job Description

TV, Radio and Sports Announcers tend to be known by all and loved by most. Announcers occasionally seem as though they are a friend because of their continued friendly presence during daily activities.

Job Responsibilities

*An announcer may have to research and write his or her own information.

*They may be given a very general topic to discuss and need to determine what might interest the audience

*Find timely information and fact and check it for accuracy.

*Announcers may also have to perform live or taped interviews.

*They need to research and obtain some background information about the person they’ll be interviewing, preparing an advance list of questions and topics to cover.

*An announcer may also need to make public appearances at station events, shaking hands, giving out autographs, and answering questions while promoting the station and sometimes its clients.

*An announcer may also be expected to do production work, which involves using computerized equipment to record and edit commercials and other promotional audio.

Training and Education Requirements

*Radio announcers typically have to have a high level of comfort with audio equipment.

*A sports announcer needs to stay very current with events and figures within that sport.

*Often, former athletes or coaches of that sport are preferred applicants for sports announcer positions, as the audience presumes they have a firsthand knowledge of the game that an “outsider” may not have.

*Some announcers get their start by performing low-level tasks in a station such as research, assisting at promotions, or college intern-ships.

*A good command of grammar, writing, research, and excellent diction are also valuable skills.
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