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VFX/Video Editor Intern
Venworld Global

Hunan, China | Professional Qualification | 1 - 3 years | Intern | Male or Female | Motion Pictures and Film | Animation

Job Summary

Venworld Call For Volunteers - (China & Nigeria Media Organization)


Venworld Incorporated is using this medium to inform the Generality of people who wish to volunteer In the following fields. Graphics Design, Content Writings, Video Directing, Script Writing, Acting, Animation & Digital Marketing. 💻📸🖥️📱


 All Interested Candidate can send their Application to 🌐🌐


Certificate of Participation

Job Opportunity in the various fields

Movie Production Team

Internship Qualifications

Job Responsibilites

Assisting the Head of Media in the acceleration of the multimedia department

Responsible for any media task been provided to work on and gathering effective materials for a certain project

Gathering resourceful information to work on media concept to enable adequate empowerment scheme of the organization

Job Requirements

Any Trained And Skilled Person in the field of Multimedia

Very Good Knowledge of Graphics, Video Editing, Digital Marketing, Content Management Etc.

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