Welder in United States

at a Confidential Company

Engineering / Technology
Minimum Qualification
Required Experience
3 - 5 years
Employment Type
Full Time
Male or Female

Job Description

Welder Job Description

A welder is basically the one who weld metals and different equipments. A welder has to play a very important part in the industrial works, in fabrication and construction sector since they deal with high risk materials such as gas and fire. They need to employ stringent safety measures while working.

Duties and Responsibilities

*The prime responsibility is to do the welding of the metals in whichever way the client or employer requires.

*He or she needs to ensure the high safety measures while working such as donning protective gear for the face and body.

*It will be also the responsibility of a senior welder to supervise welding operations of junior welders properly.

*He or she has to operate heavy equipments such as industrial saws and other heavy tools.

*He or she needs to be aware of the different methods of welding and choosing the best suited one for the job at hand.

*He or she needs to examine the equipment after welding and repairing defects for the safety requirements.

*A welder needs to do the planning of all the welding operations before beginning.

*A welder has to work according to the planning after reading the blueprints.

Skills and Specifications

*The person should have a thorough knowledge about welding methods and procedures to do the job.

*He or she should also have the thorough knowledge about safety precautions and process while working.

*He or she should be able to read blueprints and understand instructions.

*He or she should be able to analyze the things properly.

*He or she should be able to take the right decisions at the right time so should have good decision making skills.

*The person should be able to work in heat and smoke and other opposite situations.

*He or she needs to be physically healthy and fit and strong.

*The person should be able to finish work within given time and the deadlines.

*He or she should have required computer knowledge which is very necessary for advanced computer managed welding machines.

Education and Qualification;

* At least 3 years working experience.

*There is no specific education or qualification required to do the job.

*The person needs to have a vocational course in welding which is sufficient to get a job.
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