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About Kenoxy Conept Limited

Company Profile

KENOXY CONCEPT LTD provide Design, construction and fabrication of engineering equipment using project management planning techniques for its monitoring and execution plus environmental and waste management services to local and foreign companies to solve their problems related to the needs associated with the oil & gas companies and other cooperate bodies around the world.
KCL is one of few companies who possess all necessary quality and standard to perform related services in line with the international standard and best practice.
The Company is mainly engaged in designing, engineering, maintenance of oil and gas platforms, pipelines and associated instrumentation services and support + sand blasting, coating painting of engineering facilities and procurement of engineering and construction and fabrication works for onshore & offshore facilities. The special department of the company which consists of competent employees with long-term experience in the oil industry and Project and Control Management deals with development of.similar.plants.
KCL provides primarily the following services to local and foreign companies:
 Design Engineering of offshore oil & gas production and processing facilities
 Design Engineering of onshore receiving facilities and loading terminals
 Fabrication of all requirements for the oil and gas industry.
 Plant Design & Installation, Revamping of Existing Facilities.
 Maintenance of Engineering Equipment/Oil & Gas Tools.
 Reliability Engineering, Condition Monitoring (Vibration Analysis & Management), Infrared Thermograpy, In-Situ Dynamic Balancing, Laser Alignment, Motor Circuit Analysis).
 Planning, Control of Engineering & Construction Services.
 Project Control Management for both Onshore & Offshore Services/Others.
 Project & Construction Management Services that includes EPCM & PMC.

 Pressure Testing of Oil & Gas Storage Tanks.
 Surface & Underground Oil & Gas Storage Tanks Facilities.
 NDT, Cathodic Corrosion Protection & Water Proof.
 Rotating Equipment.
 Leak Detection of Storage Tanks+Pipeline Maintenance.
 Fluid & Gas Measurement System.
 Upgrade of Onshore & Offshore Production Facilities+Platforms
 Storage and/or Export Facilities-Oil Terminals, Process Facilities etc
 Electrical & Instrumentation Design and Drafting.
 Procurement of Construction and Engineering equipments/materials (EPC).
 Calibration of Petroleum Storage Tanks.
 Design, Construction of Plants+Installation.
 Relief Pressure Safety Valves Certification.
Our Concept enable us to provide complete engineering services for small to large sized projects; from Conceptual / feasibility studies, planning, budget preparation, detailed design and drafting, management of construction and commissioning.
Where necessary, we are also able to provide further Concept and the following capabilities through association with specialist local and international firms, which will be integrated into our project team:
We have been providing professional and specialist in the treatment of waste and environmental services. KCL has continually invested in plant; infrastructure, modern transport fleet and staff training designed to match the increasing demands of modern management and its impact on the environment and is now one of the market leader in its sector.

At the core of its service is the provision of environmental safe waste management operations with the emphasis on professionalism, reliability and the ability to support and tailoring solutions to meeting customer’s needs satisfactorily. With a modern fleet of specially equipped collection vehicles providing a rapid and responsive service, with strategically located locations enables KCL to reduce its carbon emission to the environment by minimizing the transport of waste products to a waste treatment and recycling approved site where valuable materials can be recovered.

Personnel positioned at the drill cutting stacking area to ensure proper waste management
 Installation of Gas tanks facility of various sizes
 Installation and Maintenance of Pumps
 Quality Assurance Tests on tanks, Pipe works and Valves
 Procurement and Installation of gas plant equipment and accessories

 Supply, Installation and Maintenance of engineering Equipment’s and other related mechanical tools.
 Data Storage Systems
 Marine Logistics
 And other related services in the other sector of the Nigeria economy.

Kenoxy Concept Ltd provides customized training on project management and control using primavera software (P6). To fill the gaps that exist in today’s EPC space and training needs for effective management of projects.
We strive to focus on training young and mid-career hires in developing leadership and supervisory skills for the EPC industries. We use highly qualified and experienced instructors who are not only pass on the lessons learned in the past, but also impart new technology for toady’s robots and complex EPC operations. The Engineering Procurement and Construction industry is plagued with human resources and human capital development challenges. Our pools of courses, programs, are well suited in addressing these challenges and deficiencies.
In Kenoxy Concept Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of world class programs leading to the award of professional certifications in oil and gas specialized areas.
Customized Training
Some of the courses we offer include the following:
• Project Planning, Monitoring and Control
• Data Processing Management
• Basic and Advance Project Management Professionals

For Oil and Gas Development projects we have the capability to undertake medium size projects such as pipelines, compressor stations, pump facilities, onshore field surface facilities, onshore marine terminals and projects. However, we are able to take on bigger value base on collaboration with strategic partners.
We are continuously working in collaboration with potential partners to enhance our technical capability in technology based projects such as refinery and petrochemical processes, Agro-Allied and Agricultural Programmes, offshore operation and maintenance and project management services. Through association with the companies we hope to add synergy in meeting the varied clients need and expectation in today competitive market.
Over the years we have invested in computers and technology in keeping with the industry's standard and now our computerised drafting, engineering analysis and management / planning systems ensure we provide the highest quality work within the time and cost constraints specified by our Clients.

Mission & Vision Statement

To be the leading Oil and Gas Company in Sub-Sahara Africa and other parts of the world, providing to our clients, quality, efficient and cost effective quality delivery by well trained and highly motivated Nigeria, using the latest innovations in an environmentally friendly manner to generate superior returns to our stakeholders.

Our Vision
To increase investment productivity of our clients and exceed client’s expectations by providing safe, efficient, world class, cost –effective solution through the best technical, skilled labor force in private and public sector of our dear country and in the Africa sub-region and round the world.

• To demonstrate integrity and honesty and to take responsibility for all our actions.
• To adopt a teamwork approach to our work and conduct our activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while meeting or exceeding our commitments.
• To build the company with pride for the future

Quality System

In KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. quality is one of the most important means for achieving the objectives of the company’s business strategy.

The Concept Ltd. Limited of quality for KCL includes all the various aspects and features of a product or service with the aim to satisfying our client’s expectations and requirements.

The realization of these quality objectives coupled with the basic objectives to keep on operating as an integrated energy, construction services company depends on personnel quality, the adequacy of organization, commitment to work and above all,
on everybody’s attitude to the issues of qualities.

From the above view, the management of KCL ensures that:

• The personnel are highly skilled in their field of activity and undergo periodic trainings.
• Responsibilities, authorities of the different work phases are clearly defined and documented.
• The quality system is properly maintained and documented.

KCL QA/QC management has got the necessary authority and freedom of volition to check that the system is correctly implemented, propose and carry out any corrective actions whenever deemed necessary.

The overall authority for the establishment and implementation of the quality assurance of KCL is assigned to the QA/QC department manager who reports directly to the Managing Director.


Health Safety & Environment Policy

With safety as our number one priority, KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. aim is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and contractors. KCL upper management team is dedicated to her HSE Management System and the growth of our safety culture. Our goal is to prevent occupational accidents, injuries and illnesses, and to ensure at all times, throughout every phase of the job operation, the health and safety of our employees and contractors. In order to remain in compliance with local laws and regulations, as well as with client standards, KCL dedicated HSE team offers the following services:
It is the policy of KCL that its operations should be carried out at all times in such a manner as to ensure health, safety, environment and security of its employees and all persons likely to be affected by its operations, including sub-contractors, clients and general public are safe guarded, and that same dedication will be shown to the protection and conservation of the environment.
All HSE related hazards shall be identified and evaluated, and efforts will be made to ensure that the efforts of such hazards are completely eliminated or reduced to barest minimum.
This policy is the direct responsibility of our senior management who are accountable to the board of directors for the overall implementation of its policy.
Within KCL, Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) is a line management responsibility for which individuals will be held and it is recognized that implementation by line management of the policy will lead to greater efficiency and higher standards through all departments within the company.
It is the duty of all employees to take reasonable care of their own safety, and that of others who may be affected by their acts or omission.
KCL is committed to work within the regulations and codes of best practices laid down by decrees and governmental orders and liaise closely with all government departments and clients as well as professionals and academic bodies to ensure improvement of all safety regulations.
It is the company’s policy to sustain the appropriate training for all personnel to ensure that company’s procedures and governmental regulations are known and observed.
Sub-contractors working for or on behalf of KCL will be required to work to the same policies and standards as KCL

Company Organizational Chart

Community Affairs Policy

In keeping with our CASHES Policy objectives, activities of KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. in all its area of operation are planned and executed in such a manner that;
 Shall preserve the Health, Safety and Security of the members of the general public including the host community who may be affected by our operations
 Ensures minimum impact on the environment of the host community.
 All pollutants like; chemicals and allied products in use on site shall be used and controlled in such a manner that all spillage and wastes are controlled within the project site.
 Leakage or overflow to the adjoining Environment shall be avoided at all costs by using tanker to safely suck up and discharge such wastes in good time into a client’s approved dump – site or discharge bunker or pit.
 Any environment mishap or pollution shall be attended to immediately and measures taken to forestall reoccurrence. In any case of spillage to the environment, the asset holder must immediately be notified of the extent of pollution or mishap.
 KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. shall be sensitive to the needs, requirements and aspirations of the host community as much as are reasonably practicable.


KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. is a major supplier of a range of oil field equipment and materials. The company has established strong relationships with a huge array of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as well as locally manufacturing industries. With a dedicated supply chain team, dedicated freight forwarders and clearing agents, as well as warehousing and stock holding capabilities, KCL has become a supplier of choice to most of the major international oil companies in Nigeria.
Our in-house IT systems, experienced supply chain and logistics professionals, together with competitive credit facilities with major Nigerian banks combine to make the procurement function in KCL world class. Be it for inventory or project related, the customer experience with KCL in procurement is one of high quality, efficient, reliable, responsive and on-time delivery at competitive rates.

Work Experience

Tank & Vessel Facility Operations
KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. is a leading provider of tank cleaning services in Nigeria. We are capable of adapting a wide range of techniques and equipment to create cost-effective, efficient and safe solutions to tank cleaning. Problems.

Tank facility Operation is one of the most pervasive and critical problems faced by operators of storage tanks. The accumulation of sludge and bottoms in storage tanks can cause operating problems, accelerate corrosion and reduce the storage capacity available to operators. Most often, tanks are cleaned in preparation for inspections or mechanical repairs. Increasingly tanks are being cleaned as a proactive measure towards.environmental.compliance.

The ability to clean a tank is not the only requirement of a tank cleaning operation. The safety of the methods employed and the ultimate disposition of the material from the tank also have a direct bearing on the true cost and value of the service to the customer. KCL considers the following multiple factors that are critical to the tank owner to ensure a successful tank-cleaning project.

Industrial Waste Management Operations

A tank cleaning process should yield the smallest amount possible of waste for disposal. Conventional tank cleaning, although manually intensive, can be the most pragmatic method in remote areas. Wastes that are accumulated from tank cleaning will be properly handled in accordance with all applicable state or local requirements.

Underground & Above Ground Facility Tank

Tank downtime interrupts normal plant activity, so speed is a critical factor to be considered. The highly skilled and experienced crews we utilize are familiar with a variety of cleaning techniques to minimize tank downtime.

Safe Operation

Tank cleaning is a potentially hazardous task. Personnel are required to enter confined spaces with exposure to toxic chemicals and volatile atmospheres. The health and safety of the public, our client, and our personnel is extremely important to KCL. Integral to this program is the inclusion of health and safety plans, training programs, site valuations, exposure monitoring, and medical monitoring.

Cost- effectiveness
An assessment of tank cleaning services is based on an analysis of total cost versus value received. The following factors are included in most evaluations: tank cleaning cost, waste disposal cost, costs associated with tank downtime and long term liability costs associated with KCL was involved in vessel and tank cleaning in FLT and FOT farm tanks in Onne and Warri area of Nigeria.
Some of our vessels cleaning projects include production slug catchers, large and small fuel storage tanks, separation units, dirty water tanks, heat exchangers, as well as water and sewage holding tanks. These projects frequently include vessel clean out, sandblasting, coating application, waste disposal and vessel fire watch.

The Future
The Future of KENOXY CONCEPT LTD. promises to be progressive and eventful, with a massive increase in our capacity, expertise and the scope of our services.
We are poised and set to become the service provider of choice for engineering design, Procurement and Construction, Fabrication and other associated services.
We will provide these services equally well onshore, across the swamps and offshore along the continental shelf of West Africa and other parts of the world.



Contact Address: No. 7 Uju-Okogba Close, off Police Post, Eliozu-Rumuodumaya Road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Contacts: Engr. K O. Amaehule or Mrs. M. Kingsley Amaehule
Mobile Numbers: + (234) 8037 067 147, + (234) 7057 442 618,
+ (234) 855 321 225
Email: kenoxyconcept@yahoo.com OR oziny2001@yahoo.com

Kingsley. O Amaehule

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