Krystallcleon Limited

2015 | Nigeria | 10 - 50 Employees


About krystallcleon limited
Krystallcleon Limited is a leading consulting and training firm in the area of project management and investment, active in the marketplace since 2014. A business solutions driven firm, providing turnkey solutions. The composition of the firm within the group reflects the diversity of disciplines involved in business and management. The portfolio of expertise includes project management and finance, training and development in accordance with our clients' needs in consulting, service provider and outsourcing capacity. Our mission is to provide complex improvement in the level and culture of project management and Investment as a means of across the board improvement in the prosperity and the standard of our clients, and in doing so, society as a whole. We provide solutions in three basic areas:Consulting – Systems Management, Finance management-Investment and Farming.
Our company is growing – not only in the number of its employees and co-workers. We pay great attention to personal and professional development – our consultants primarily are gaining more and more experience with the practical aspects which is the greatest added value. This is achieved through a team approach, the awareness of its employees that their best efforts are essential and, therefore, appreciated, and the knowledge that ultimately everyone will benefit from the company's successes. To achieve and sustain the highest standard and quality of services.
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58B moleye street behind total filling station, sabo Yaba.

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Chris Agnes

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Industrial Focus
  • Investment Management
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Client Services
  • Banking / Finance / Insurance
  • Farming