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2010 | Lagos, Nigeria | 10 - 50 Employees


About Mindfield Resources
ver the years we have invested in building expertise in Search & Selection through training our associates in cutting edge skills as well as making infrastructure investments to build a state of the art "patented" system. We have successfully harnessed the power of social media to make it a process optimizing tool without replacing the human interaction element which is essential to our industry. Our Managing Partner Anjali Samuel is listed number 51 on the top 100 globally connected people on Linkedin she is also one of the five women who are in the top 100. This is also made our organization one of the most "searched for " in the digital world.
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Mindfield Resources Consultancy FZ LLC Block 13, G4 & G10, Knowledge Village P.O. Box 500687, Dubai, UAE

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  • Consulting
  • Consulting/Business Strategy & Planning
  • www.mindfieldresources.com