Create a professional profile today to fast-track your career.

We offer a full set of tools to enable you to improve your career potential no matter your career level. Here we highlight only some of our features.

Customized profile address

Your career resume is made available as a custom url of your choice. Ideally it would be

However, this is easily customizable to something unique.

Online resume/profile

We realize that it is important to have a corporate career online presence that is constantly showing the world your skills, experience, and achievements.

Follow companies of interest

There are a lot of companies on Careerslip. Follow their activities to get latest updates, and communicate with them.

Unlimited job applications

There is no limit to the number of applications you can submit to employers on Careerslip. This gives you the opportunity to maximize your possibilities.

Track applications

Track all your past and present job applications in one place within your account. This helps you stay organized.

Interview notifications

Receive, accept/decline and manage interview notifications from employers within your account. Stay ahead and prepared.

Advance job search

Careerslip provides you with our advance filters technology that uses filtering criteria such as job title, location, nationality, age, gender, work experience, industry expertise, education, etc. to help you streamline and target relevant jobs in just a few clicks.

Receive messages from employers & other professionals

With the Careerlip message system, you can receive messages from followed companies, and professionals in your network.

Send messages to employers & other professionals

With the Careerlip message system, you can also send messages to followed companies, and professionals in your network.

Network with other professionals

Build your professional network. Open up professional opportunities and create useful contacts.

Social integration and promoting your profile

Your profile acts as your online resume. Careerslip provides you with quick tools to promote your online resume on popular social platforms.

Get job alerts

To make sure you do not miss out on new career opportunities, Careerslip notifies you of recent job opportunities that match your profile.

Share updates with other professionals

Have you got something to share? A thought, an idea or maybe some news. Share with other professionals and start a discussion.

Search Engine Optimization

Apart from the strategy that we recommend you to promote your career profile, our technology team works on your profile's search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure that anyone looking to work for your skills/experience using search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, find you on the first page and ideally among the first three search results.


Your career profile will be equipped with latest industry standard security encryption and backup technologies so that your information is protected at all the times.


Careerslip is continually improving. We are consistently improving upon our features list and updating the functions to provide you with a great user experience. All of these features, functions, and updates are all provided to you in real time and at no charge.

Your data

You own your data and all details of your applications. This data is stored and made available to you easily.

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