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About Puzzlextra

We are an edutainment company involved in the production, promotion, distribution and sales of EDUCATIONAL, LEARNING and TRAINING resources that support the educational journey of the African pupil, student or worker by intellectually challenging them and encouraging learning in fun filled ways.

We invite you to join us in our work with schools and stakeholders in the development of thinking abilities and life skills through coordinated and competitive sessions.

Through our fun-filled puzzle and games activity days with schools and companies, we are able to foster the development of executive function [the activity of the brain that is responsible for the ability to manage organization, set priorities, manage time, and make strategic decisions] which is dependent on the high order processes of elective attention, behavioural planning and response inhibition, as well as the manipulation of information in problem-solving tasks.

We believe though, that the tradition of the average African community already revolves around the practice of learning through play and that the products we distribute will foster this practise even in the modern day technology rich classroom.

We have products for every age group because we believe learning is life long and our products are designed to give the authentic experience of hands-on learning and exploring, which very often creates exciting life time experiences.
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