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CORPORATE PROFILE OF Raywhite Folorunsho & CO.
Financial investigator/Managing Consultants/Tax Consultants



1.1 The Firm 1

1.2 Our Consultants and Staff 1

1.3 Range of Services 1

1.4 Offices 2


2.1 Procedure 2

2.2 Fees 2

2.3 Billing 2


3.1 Management Consulting 3

3.2 Accounting Consulting 3

3.3 Systems Consulting 3

3.4 Finance Consulting 3

3.5 Tax Consulting 4

3.6 Human Resources Consulting 4

3.10 Management Consulting 4

3.11 Organization Review 4

3.12 Staff Audit / Manpower Review 4

3.13 Profit Improvement/turnaround project 5

3.14 Economic (feasibility) Studies 5


3.21 Design and Setting up of Accounting System 5

3.22 Writing up Accounts for Client 5

3.23 Installing of Budgetary Control System 6

3.24 Installing of Costing system 6

3.25 System Consulting 6

3.30 Computerizing of Accounting Systems 6

3.31 Design of Application Packages 7

3.32 Advice on Selection of computer and software 7

3.33 maintenance of hardware 7

3.40 Financial Consultancy 7

3.41 Packaging request for Bank facility 7

3.42 Advice on export trade & finance 7

3.43 Project Monitoring 8

3.44 Debt Recovery 8

3.50 Taxation 8

3.51 Tax Planning 8

3.52 Tax Investigations 8

3.53 Tax Liaison 9


3.61 Design &b Implementation of Training Programmes 9

3.62 Conducting In-House Training Programmes 9

3.63 Career Planning & Counseling 10

3.64 Recruitment 10

3.70 Reference 10



1.1 The Firm
Raywhite Folorunsho & Co.

Raywhite Folorunsho & Co. is a multi-disciplinary management consulting firm set up to provide quality and cost effective professional services to its numerous clients.

1.2 Our Consultants and Staff

Our consultants are all academically and professionally qualified with considerable experience in the field of accounting and control systems, banking & finance, computer-based management consultancy, human resource consultancy, market research and economic viability studies.

The consultants, who are renowned in their various disciplines, are assisted by a complement of staff that is also professionally qualified in their respective disciplines.

1.3 Range of Services

Services provided by the firm include:

 Management Consulting

 Accounting Consulting

 Financial Consulting

 System Consulting

 Tax Consulting

 Staff Training & Recruitment

1.40 Offices

Our offices are located at:

Suite SA 101/120 New Banex Plaza,
Plot 750 Aminu Kano Crecent,
Wuse II,

TelephoneNos: 08038139578, 09-8708760,



On receiving the request or inquiry of a prospective client, a consultant in the need area will visit the prospective client, free of charge, to discuss the requirements. A preliminary study of the problem will be carried out, also free of charge, and based on the observations a proposal will be submitted for the client’s consideration and approval.


Our fees are either based on time spent and type of skill required, or a percentage of project assignment. An indication of the likely fee can be given at the proposal stage.


It is our policy to bill in stages and this requires an agreed percentage of the estimated / agreed fees to be paid on commissioning of project, another percentage as work progresses and the balances on submission of our report.


The ranges of services provided by the firm, which are described on the next few pages, are:

3.10 Management Consulting
3.10 Organisation review
3.12 Staff Audit/Manpower review
3.13 Profit improvement (turnaround) projects
3.14 Economic (feasibility) studies

3.20 Accounting Consulting
3.21 Design & set up of accounting systems
3.22 Writing up of accounts for clients
3.23 Installation of budgetary control systems
3.24 Installation of costing systems
3.24 Installation of management information systems

3.30 System Consulting
3.31 Computerisation of accounting systems

3.32 Design of application packages

3.33 Advice on selection of computers & software

3.34 Maintenance of hardware

3.40 Financial Consulting

3.41 Packaging request for bank facility

3.42 Advance or export trade & finance

3.43 Project monitoring

3.44 Dept recovery

3.50 Tax Consultancy

3.51 Tax Planning

3.52 Tax Investigation
3.53 Tax Liaison

3.60 Human Resource Consulting

3.61 Design & Implementation of Training Programmes

3.62 Arrange & Conducting in-house training courses

3.63 Career planning & counseling

3.64 Recruitment



3.11 Organization Review

This involves a complete overhaul of a client’s management set-up, organization structure, production processes, etc. with a view to turning around the business for better performance. Appropriate organisation structure will be designed to avoid bottleneck and ensure the attainment of corporate objective.

3.12 Staff Audit/Manpower Review

The firm will assist clients to have an in-depth analysis of staff qualify, job functions and necessary staff rationalization in order to shed dead weights and ensure that the best staff are retained for optimum performance.

3.13 Profit Improvement /turnaround projects

Where a company is operating at low profit margins or at a loss, we can assist in diagnosing the problems and advising on strategies and measures to return to comfortable profitability.

3.14 Economic (feasibility) Studies

This is a multi-disciplinary investigation of the viability of a proposed business venture conducted on behalf of promoters or an expansion programme on behalf of management to give assurance that the proposed venture is worth going into. The study covers the market potential and identification of appropriate success strategies.


3.21 Design and Setting up of Accounting Systems

This involve a study of the operations of an organization and then designing an appropriate accounting system – manual or computerized to enable periodic accounts to be prepared in accordance with statutory requirements and for management information. It could also include the design of sub – systems such as Stock Control Systems for recording of stores transactions. It could also include the design of document to be used within the system such as invoice, receipts, payment vouchers, accounting input voucher e. t. c.

3.22 Writing up Accounts for Clients

The firm also writes up accounts from source documents for clients who either cannot afford the cost of maintaining a full fledged accounts department or whose accounts work have fallen into arrears and needs to be updated. This will also include the preparation of financial statements and all the relevant schedules as may be required for audit purposes.

3.23 Installation of Budgetary Control System

This commences with the writing up of a budget manual, which is to guide operating managers in the preparation of operating budgets including the formation of the Budget Committee etc, design of the budget reports comparing budget with actual and then followed by training of personnel to operate the system and can be extended into actual implementation by participation in the process with management staff by way of inductive implementation.

3.24 Installation of Costing Systems

A reliable cost accounting system is inevitable for all manufacturing companies and jobbing concerns.
This is particularly so for accurate product costing, for stock valuation and pricing as well as for effective cost control. The firm studies the

production process and design suitable cost accounting systems, designs the forms and documents to be used within the systems and writes a manual to guide management and staff in the operation of the system.

The costing system could system could also be employed by non-manufacturing concerns over their stocks to provide effective control against unwarranted stock shortages.


3.30 Computerisation of Accounting Systems

On request, the firm can assist clients to computerize their entire accounting system in order to enable them compete with today’s technological imperative and modern automation.

Our computer experts will study client’s manual accounting system in detail and in concert with their key accounting personnel, put up a standard computerisation package. We will supervise the parallel running until complete change over.

3.31 Design of Application Packages

Specific application packages could be designed to meet client’s requirements, e.g. for payrolls, stock control, personnel records, fixed assets register and depreciation calculation.

3.32 Advice on Selection of Computers & Software

The firm will always be ready to give advice on selection of appropriate computer hardwares and softwares that will suit client’s requirements.

3.33 Maintenance of Hardware

Our well trained and experienced computer engineers are always handy to attend to client’s computer hardware problems once a service agreement has been entered into, we would ensure that a constant maintenance of hardwares is done.


3.41 Packaging Requests for Bank Facility

We assess your need for finance from your bankers and advice you on the chances of your application and on the type of facility to request for.
We also assist you package the request in a professional manner to minimize the number of question your bankers would raise and thus not only enhance your chances of getting the facility but also reduce the processing time to the barest minimum.

3.42 Advice on Export Trade & Finance

We advice on the export markets and if required, link you up with overseas buyers, and also give you sound advice on the financing of your export business as well as in the repatriation of the export proceeds.

3.43 Project Monitoring

After advising you on the viability of a project, we also offer to assist you monitor the implementation to ensure not only that the envisaged benefits are realized but also that repayments are received on due dates.

3.44 Debt Recovery

After taking a brief from you, this commences by reconciliation of the amount in dispute and then the collection of the outstanding amount.


3.51 Tax Planning

Advising clients on the best way to organise operational affairs or advising clients on the tax implication of operational decisions with a view not just to minimize tax burden but also prevent tax penalties.

This covers not only company income tax also personal income tax for employees, capital gain tax on disposal and also value added tax.

3.52 Tax Investigations

The firm also acts as agents of government or of an investigation panel for a tax audit such as back duty investigation of companies or individuals for PAYE, withholding taxes, tenement rates, value added tax, and capital gains tax etc.

Companies are also encouraged to commission a self-investigation to avoid the embarrassment and penalty that will arise when the assignment is done by a government appointed investigator.

3.53 Tax Liaison

The firm liaises with the relevant tax authorities on behalf of clients in the computation and agreement of tax liability including relief claims such as capital allowances computations, etc.

It also assist clients in making self-assessment tax returns, and other tax returns including the monthly VAT returns


3.61 Design and implementation of Training Programmes

We study the academic background of each personnel, his work experience, the requirements of the job he is performing or which he is required to perform and identify his training needs to enable him perform effectively or that will prepare him for higher responsibilities. This is also done for group workers.

3.62 Conducting In-House Training Programmes

Where there is enough number of employees with common training need, a course can be arrange and delivered in client’s premises or outside the premises but exclusively for the client’s employees. The benefit of this is that company’s own practical examples and forms can be used and confidentiality is more easily achieved.

3.63 Career Planning & Counseling

We do carry out interviews with staff on behalf of our client with a view to identifying the employee’s career aspiration and matching this with company long term objectives. This can also include counseling employee for improved productivity.

3.64 Recruitment

This involves scouting for, through advert, or head-hunt, screening selection and placement of qualified employees on client in the appropriate need areas.

5.0 REFERENCES ( the few disclosed clients )
1. Finance Department, TETfund (ETF), Abuja
2. UK, Department for International Development, Abuja Office
3. NPHD Limited
4. Pure Logistics Limited
5. Ayeye & Co (Estate Valuers & Developers)
6. A. A. Abdulfatai & Co (Estate Valuers & Developers)
7. Mobil Oil, Karu Station, Abuja
8. Lamon Associate
9. Rabba Nigeria Limited
10. Systemic Haulage & Logistics

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