Salco Group

1972 | Abuja, Nigeria | 500 - 1,000 Employees


About Salco Group
Salco Group is a conglomerate that is growing and expanding every day. We invest massively (both financially and human capital) in every area of our business and ensure that whatever area we touch, we always develop and affect lives.
We place a lot of premium on the environment, develop people locally to handle projects and put facilities in place to affect our host environment positively.
Our area of interest includes real estate, grain handling, agro-chemical, veterinary, medical, water treatment and import/export. Other areas are also being developed with projects underway in some other sector of the economy and industries across Nigeria and globally.
Our aim is to generate employment through local skill development and training with the intention of updating facilities to an internationally acceptable standard be it in the area of grain handling or real estate development.
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Industrial Focus
  • Real Estate
  • Import and Export
  • Agriculture/Poultry/Fishing
  • Real Estate
  • Import and Export
  • http://www.salcoltd.com