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SCHELPS is one of the leading integrated business
support and development consulting firms. Our Clients -
top management staff and Corporate Leaders trust us to
provide insights from our shared culture of empricisim
and blue sky thinking that help them make better
decisions; we support them through the execution of
business decisions to deliver sustainable performances
better than usual. Over the years, we've been
committed to achieving better results for our clients;
these results go beyond financial data, they are client -
specifically tailored, pragmatic, holistic and sustainable.
SCHELPS advises corporate leaders on their most
critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing,
organization culture, operations and business processes,
human resources, technology , digital transformation ,
advanced analytics , change management,
sustainability, corporate finance and mergers &
acquisitions , across all industries and geographies. Our
unique approach to business process and corporate
situations is to engage our facts and tools to identify
optimization factors, measure and manage risk and
overcome the odds to generate insights that facilitate
decision making processes for the achievement of
results better than usual. Our consulting engagements
has been with firms globally from regional and local
organizations, for profit and not - for - profits , and
private equity funds. We are proud of our clients' track
record, our clients have always achieve result better
than usual in their competition and operations. Our
consulting engagements are led by a team of faculties
with global accreditations, expertise and relevance.
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33 Sawmill Ashimolowo Area, Ifo, Ogun State, Nigeria

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Akinkunmi Yetunde

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