Tadan Gainkat

1990 | Nigeria | 50 - 100 Employees


About Tadan Gainkat
Tadan Gainkat was incorporated in July 1990 as a Private Limited Liability Company and granted license to operate in November of the same year to fill-in for yawning gap in quality security guard service in Nigeria. Tadan Gainkat was registered in Nigeria under the business name Act of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree (1990), with Business registration number BN 173016. The company started business immediately and showed from inception that it was poised to revolutionize security services in the country, which has resulted in making us the leading security services provider in the nation. Tadan Gainkat provides exclusive and dedicated physical security and investigative solutions nationwide. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with a security solution customized to meet your specific needs.
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Tadan Gainkat House 321 Road, G Close, Unit 1 Shopping Complex Festac Town Lagos, Nigeria.

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  • www.tadangainkat.com.ng