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About Travelstart

Travelstart was started by Stephan Ekbergh in 1999. Although he probably wouldn't like us to say it, he’s a bit of a visionary when it comes to travel. In 1995 he created Sweden's first fully-automated, telephone-based travel booking company called Sistaminutenplatser. The system utilised a tone-dialling menu that was unique at the time. It was crazy and complicated, but he didn't stop there!

In late 1995, the launch of version 1.0 of Netscape Navigator (one of the first web browsers) convinced Stephan that the future of travel booking was online. In 1998 he launched Sweden's first online travel agency, MrJet.

One thing led to another, and after some highs and lows (as invariably happens in the life of an entrepreneur) he eventually launched Travelstart in 1999.

After being wildly successful in Scandinavia, Stephan decided to relocate to the warmer climes of South Africa. Having settled with his family in beautiful Cape Town, Stephan wanted to bring the Scandinavian online travel revolution to South Africa - so here we are!
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